Hi, I’m Chris 'Mou' Chrisostomou, a web designer/developer from Leeds, UK.

I make fancy web apps and pretty websites for a living. It's not a bad life.
I bang on a lot on Twitter, and dump a lot of photos on Instagram and Flickr. Sometimes I blog. I’ve also written a few WordPress themes/plugins. Oh, and I’m obsessed with Glastonbury.

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Windows won’t boot after activating Hyper-V in Windows 8

Only a week since installing Windows 8 and I've already managed to break something... :S On enabling Hyper-V in the "Turn Windows Features On or Off" menu, I was prompted to restart to complete the installation. It rebooted, installed some stuff, then rebooted again. At that point, it got as far as the Windows logo and then nothing - no spinner, no HDD light, no feedback - just the black screen and the Windows logo... [Read More]

PHP max_input_vars, form element limits and the suhosin patch

Just came across a belter of an issue with a ridiculously oversized form on a work website. Background is the page has 200+ item types, each with 2 cost types, with each cost types having 4 tiers. 2x4x200 = 1600 input fields (not including other elements, like submit buttons, hidden fields etc). I noticed that some of the later elements weren't saving.... [Read More]

*Another* site redesign??

Sounds a bit ridiculous considering how light my blogging has been over the past year or so, but if I'm seriously going to try to get back into the swing of things, I think a redesign is in order - or at least a code refactor. One of the things I've always said about web design/development is it's near impossible to know everything. It's a job you... [Read More]
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