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PHP max_input_vars, form element limits and the suhosin patch

Just came across a belter of an issue with a ridiculously oversized form on a work website. Background is the page has 200+ item types, each with 2 cost types, with each cost types having 4 tiers. 2x4x200 = 1600 input fields (not including other elements, like submit buttons, hidden fields etc)...Read the full article

Animated, scrolling “back to top” link using jQuery

A couple of projects I've worked on recently have led to some huge pages, spanning down thousands of pixels, and so it seemed appropriate (from a usability perspective) to provide a way to get back to the top of the page without the need to sit scrolling the mouse wheel for ages on each page...Read the full article

API woes

I've just been on my site for the first time in nearly a month (been busy dammit!) and spotted that 2 of the plugins I wrote to use on my homepage are broken. Not good. First was my Xbox plugin - which I never actually got round to publicly releasing - for which the API I was using had apparently stopped returning data...Read the full article

Adding custom share / bookmark links on posts & pages in WordPress

While putting together the recent redesign for this site, I decided it was high time I stuck some share/bookmark links on posts. As far as driving traffic towards the site goes, making it as easy as possible for people to share links to my posts is a no brainer...Read the full article plugin for Sweetcron

I've written a simple plugin - which I've imaginatively named " for Sweetcron" - for use with the Sweetcron lifecasting software. You add your loved tracks/recent tracks feed, and it uses the Last...Read the full article

Lifecasting with Sweetcron

I stumbled across a fancy little open source app last week called Sweetcron (hat tip to Dave), which turns your online presence into a "lifecast". The premise is simple - you give it an RSS feed, and it processes it and stores the items from the feed...Read the full article relaunched

After realising last week that I'm still paying for 3 separate web hosting packages, this weekend seemed like a good time to think about consolidating all the sites I'm hosting for people onto a single server...Read the full article

Flickr API PHP Wrapper

After a little prompting yesterday, I decided to spend a bit of time looking into the Flickr API and what I could do with it - up to now Ive been happy with pulling photos from the RSS feeds. Without spending too much time looking, I came across a Flickr API PHP Wrapper made by none other than Rasmus Lerdorf using CURL...Read the full article