Glastonbury Festival

View from the tent I’m a huge Glastonbury Festival obsessive. 2010 will be my 6th festival in a row, and I’ve loved every single one. You know you’ve found something special when 3 days of constant rain, wading through 2 foot high mud puddles and seeing a guy in a canoe paddling around what was once a camping field isn’t enough to deter you.

Thats not to say that it rains every year. 2004 I came back looking like I’d spent a week in the mediterranean and a girl that came with us had to be taken to the medical tent with heatstroke! Other years its been a perfect balance. English weather has never been something you can rely on, but who cares – to me, the only downside is having to pack twice as many clothes for every eventuality!

Ive only been running this site since early 2007, and I was suprisingly late to join the digital camera revolution, so I’ve only got photos, etc, for the last 3 years. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to extend back further when I dig out my old photos… and buy a scanner… and get a day free to scan them all. It could take a while…

So here’s a few things I’ve posted on this site that may be useful:


Glastonbury Camping EssentialsA short of list what I’ve come to find are the most essential things to take with you.
Glastonbury Camping Essentials Part 22 years wiser, here’s a few more things I’ve found are a no-brainer for any festival.
Photoblogging Glastonbury – a few tips

My Glastonbury 2010 page – photos and blog posts

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My Glastonbury 2008 page – photos, videos and blog posts and an exclusive for 2008, Robs review! 🙂

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Glastonbury 2010 Line-up or download the spreadsheet

Glastonbury 2009 Line-up or download the spreadsheet (includes cinema listings)

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Glastonbury 2007 Line-up and cinema listings (or download the spreadsheet)

Site Maps

Glastonbury 2010 Sitemap

Glastonbury 2009 Sitemap

Glastonbury 2008 Sitemap

Glastonbury 2007 Sitemap

Note: I’ve recently been sent hard copies of all the sitemaps dating back to 1997, but as they’re made of paper and don’t fit into my USB drive, I’m at a bit of a loss for what to do with them 🙂 Some of them are up to A1 sized, so a digital photo is out of the question – I’m thinking I may enquire around a few printing shops and see if they have an uber scanner I can pay to use, but either way I’ll get them on the site when I can!