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*Another* site redesign??

Sounds a bit ridiculous considering how light my blogging has been over the past year or so, but if I'm seriously going to try to get back into the swing of things, I think a redesign is in order - or at least a code refactor...Read the full article

Server move complete – Linode rules!

Anyone who visits this site regularly will probably have noticed the page load time has decreased about 10 fold. I've been with Media Temple for nearly 2 years, and I decided enough was enough. Slow load times, dodgy password policies and a rather high profile server wide hack was enough to convince me that it was time to put my new found sysadmin skills to use and move all my sites over to another host...Read the full article

Contact form…

...appears to be broken. Had a quick check and it looks like it may be something to do with some custom rules in my .htaccess. Unfortunately I spotted it a few minutes before I was due to leave Leeds for Glasgow for a couple of days, so I don't have time to fix it...Read the full article

New site design – moumeukv4 hits the web

Seems like years since I last updated this site (18 months in fact), but after so long my photoshop trigger finger was starting to itch a little and I decided it was time for a change. And so I bring you - moumeukv4, the latest of the mou...Read the full article

Not sure if its just me…

... but this site seems to be running like a dog at the moment, and has been for at least a month. Media Temple have pointed me in the direction of my DB, and told me to check out my Slow_queries figure which was unexpectedly high...Read the full article

100,000 page views!

I've admitted before that I'm a bit of a stat whore. I've weened myself off the addiction a bit over the past 6 months, but before that I used to be on analytics maybe 20 times a day, checking the WordPress stats plugin and other assorted statistic geekery...Read the full article

I've hit Pagerank 5! Fitness First have reason to hate me even more :)

Not a huge deal, but a nice surprise regardless. And a massive coincidence that I Googled one of my popular referral keywords 2 days back and noticed that I'd jumped from position 10 to 3 in the search results...Read the full article

Site redesign over – v3 hits the web!

I designed my old website theme nearly 16 months ago, and its served me well. It was my first attempt at a WordPress theme design, and my first personal project since declaring myself to be a serious web "designer", in addition to my day job as a developer...Read the full article

Indexed in 14 minutes?!

My last post was indexed in 14 minutes? Really?! Well, yes... I took that screenshot about 14 minutes after I published it, so it definitely happened! But seriously, I was pretty amazed. I still remember about a year ago I used to wait a week or more for Googlebot to stop back after I'd posted something, now it doesn't ever seem to be less than 12 hours...Read the full article

Downloads not working… WTF?

Just had a moment of confusion... I haven't logged into my blog back-end since before the weekend, yet somehow the Download Counter plugin I use to keep track of plugin/themes downloads.... well, it just sorta switched itself off...Read the full article