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WhatYouWatch TeaserThe concept behind WhatYouWatch was to provide a social bookmarking site for TV shows found on the internet. Episodes from many old discontinued TV shows are uploaded to video sharing sites such as YouTube and Guba, and WhatYouWatch provided a function for storing links to these videos and organising them by show, series and episode to allow more people to find them easily.

However, after some recent events, the decision was made to discontinue the project.

The site itself used was built with PHP to xHTML 1.0 standards and used the MooTools javascript framework to power a number of visual effects. The site was also linked to a PunBB forum to utilize its existing registration functions. Dynamically generated RSS feeds were available on virtually every page of the directory, allowing users to subscribe to their favourite shows and be notified when a new link was added. (no longer available)


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