I can’t help myself, I’m a perfectionist and a fiddler. If I think something could be better if I tweaked it, I can’t help myself.
So it only makes sense I keep track of what Ive done. You know, for nostalgia purposes.

So yeah, in the unlikely event that anyone other than me is reading this page, now you know what you’re looking at. 😉


Version 2.4.1

  • Converted photos page to pull from Flickr API instead of RSS. End result – more photos on the page at once!
  • Rewrote the entire projects section – in preparation for job hunting 😉
  • Changed the folder structure of my site to clean up the root folder a bit.
  • Changed the database prefixs on my WordPress tables – safety by obscurity and all that
  • Moved several functions – such as login – onto my web hosts shared SSL certificate
  • Added/wrote some functions that should make mobile blogging a little easier. OK, I’m not a huge blogger, but last year I promised myself I’d do it before the Glastonbury festival and didn’t, so this year I’m doing it 5 months early!! 😀

    Version 2.4

  • Massive code cleanup.
  • Migrated entire template to k2.

    Version 2.3

  • SEO experiments on sidebar & re-formatting
    • Set bookmarks to appear on homepage only to avoid duplicate content
    • Dropped «h4» tags from sidebar module headings, replaced with «li» – altered CSS to fix the carnage this caused!
    • Reformatted all link lists to be more readable
  • Re-evaluated robots.txt
    • Blocked crawlers from all RSS & category pages, all wp- directories and bookmark/tags page.
    • Added rel=”nofollow” to tag cloud links and removed links from Google using Webmaster Tools
  • Re-formatted post info line to allow room for multiple tags

    Version 2.2

  • Search (finally) added
    • Search results displayed inline. Will work on AJAX display for future version.
  • “Flickr-Page” plugin created to display Flickr photos from RSS feed onto a page.
    • Loosely based on the Flickr-RSS plugin – developed to allow me to add a photo feed (with links, etc) onto any part of the site. Displays fine on sidebar or page.
  • Bookmarks page updated, tag cloud & filter added
  • Glastonbury 2007 page template built – link to Glastonbury tagged Flickr photos, posts and whatever else I come across.

    Version 2.1

  • IE6 (and below) stylesheet added – .PNG problem fixed
  • Remnants of K2 structure stripped out of theme (changed my mind half way through designing!)

    Version 2

  • Fully migrated site to WordPress 2.1.2 – all functions re-coded from classic ASP to PHP
  • Complete front-end re-design

    Version 1

  • Customer built classic ASP mini-CRM. powered books page with drop down tag filter, Flickr powered photo page and various other pages.