Where the hell has Mou gone?

Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front over the past couple of months (so much for my plan to blog at least once a month). This is, in part, down to a combination of being ridiculously busy and not wanting to spend what little spare time I have trying to come up with meaningful blog posts!

So what have I been up to?

  • Working on yet another Glastonbury Festival related personal project, involving some crazy Google maps integration… well, maybe not that crazy, but I’m new to the maps API so it’s been taking a fair bit of my time up reading through the documentation and trying to work out how and if I can do what I want to do. I’m hoping that, unlike several of my other Glasto projects, this one will actually see the light of day!
  • WPSynergy. Yep, this is still alive! After making the mistake of announcing our plans far too early (and not long before both myself and Jeremie took on some work that has kept us busy for the past year), I have been putting some of my time into building the main WPSynergy website, plus some themes to launch with. Annoyingly, we’ve also been let down by a couple of people – for example, I wasn’t actually supposed to be building the main website, but after 4 weeks waiting for a guy to finish it off before he disappeared off the face of the planet, this also fell into my lap. So yeah, this project is not dead – it’s simply been postponed until we/I have the time to get myself back on my feet and get the essentials ready for launch.
  • Spending too many hours at my day job. Do you ever get that feeling that your entire daily routine seems to be get up, go to work, come home from work, sleep, repeat? That’s damn close to how I’ve been feeling over the past few months. The reason for this relates a lot to my next point…
  • Having no car. Yep, Vlad the Vectra was finally retired after the head gasket started playing up and it started sounding like it was ready to blow up. Thankfully, 3 months on, I’ve managed to sort out a new motor – a 1999 Ford Focus Zetec. Might not sound like much, but I fell in love with Focus’ the year they were released (1998 I think) so this has been like fulfilling a mini dream for me!
  • Moving house. Sure, the actual move itself was only a 2-3 day event, but as with the fun of renting, from the day I handed in my notice at the old flat I’ve had an average of 2 viewings a day. I had no concept of how much effort it took to keep a house tidy enough for randoms to trapse through every day, but it turns out its not easy feat.

So this is my life for the past 6 months. Right now I’m sat in front of a fresh Ubuntu installation at Lissa’s house (on a bloody 2mb line) waiting for Eclipse to install so I can spend some more time working on Modmat2, then monday it’s back to the grind.

So there you go – I’m not dead, just bloody busy. 🙂

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  1. My 2mb connection fits it’s purpose well… chump!


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