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Where the hell has Mou gone?

Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front over the past couple of months (so much for my plan to blog at least once a month). This is, in part, down to a combination of being ridiculously busy and not wanting to spend what little spare time I have trying to come up with meaningful blog posts! So what have I been up to? Working on yet another Glastonbury Festival related personal project, involving some crazy Google maps integration...Read the full article

Resolutions for 2010

Most "new years resolutions" fall by the wayside - at least, they do for me. The problem is that saying you'll do something because you're celebrating an occasion, and not because you want to, are just doomed to fail...Read the full article

Busy busy busy

Has it really been a month and a half since I last blogged? Cripes! Its been a busy 6 weeks. Highlights include: Planning an 6 week project to fit it into a 5 week timescale - or at least it would have been if the people enforcing this timescale had any appreciation for whats involved and didn't keep wasting time with meetings to discuss the same things that were discussed previous weeks...Read the full article

Gah! You're having a bubble!

OK, so I'm blogging this for prosterity, as I think the past 48 hours may have been my most consistent run of bad luck for a while... #1 - The Saniplus pump thing behind my toilet decided to break yesterday, and the plumber told me he couldn't fix it until today (monday)...Read the full article

Bloody snow

Bloody snow. The picture on the left is the hill leading down to the main road - now officially a sheet ice slide. Just to make things worse, my road has one exit and I'm facing the wrong way. Can't wait for tomorrow morning...Read the full article

Gah, another 3 hour drive. Oh, and Merry Christmas :)

Going to London to visit family/friends is great, but I'm getting pretty sick of the 3 hour drives. I dated someone in London for 2 and an half years while living in Leeds and 6 hours travelling 3 weekends out of every 4 sort of killed any interest I had left in spending that long by myself in a car...Read the full article

More injuries

Gah. I've managed to hurt myself again. This time I went over on some ice and managed to twist my left leg underneath me when I fell. Same knee I broke a couple of years back, so it was already a mess...Read the full article

Off to see Wales v Ireland in the 6 nations

Yep, as the title says, i'm off to see the Wales-Ireland 6 nations match in Dublin. This includes 2 days in Belfast to meet up with an old friend. And anyone thinking of robbing my house while i'm gone, i have housemates still at home!! This is my first flight for a few years, and already I feel like going through airport security is comparable to bending over and waiting to be shafted (excuse the expression!)...Read the full article

So long NG Bailey, its been fun

Nearly 3 years after starting a 1 year "Student Placement" as a systems developer for NG Bailey in Bradford, I finally walked out the door for the last time on Friday - the never ending contract finally came to an end! Ive now got the fun of a few weeks off while I work on a few personal projects I've been meaning to finish, kick back, do my last exam and find a new job! It feels wierd leaving - especially since I worked about 2 years before that at a subsidiary company, Bailey Teswaine, and only having actually been in Yorkshire 7 years, its hard to remember not working for them...Read the full article