About Mou

(aka Chris Chrisostomou, Moubenator, The Mou, Moubenshire, and every other random nickname picked up through the years)

Mou is the alter ego of Chris Chrisostomou, a Leeds based – London born Web Designer / Developer. Although its not really, because its just a nickname he picked up at school. Legend has it, that while playing in goal during a lunchtime football match, he tipped a clinical close range shot round the post, to which a certain James Burns parodied his name by shouting “Chris Chris Super Mou”… or something like that. Either way, that quickly became Mou, and a nickname for life was born.

As a kid, Chris’s parents bought him a Sinclair Spectrum 128k with built in tape deck. He quickly became a gaming addict, and started developing his geeky side by buying copies of Your Sinclair and spending hours painstakingly copying 4 pages of BASIC code from the centre pages, to create some crappy game. By the time he’d got hold of an Amiga 600, and fallen in love with the game Lemmings, he decided he wanted to be a “computer programmer” and, more specifically work for DMA design (the makers of Lemmings). DMA, incidently, are now know as Rockstar North aka the makers of Grand Theft Auto.

Between then and the end of school, computing took a back seat – mainly due to the teenage lifestyle and the fact his friends couldn’t give a shit about computers (except of course Playstation, N64, etc). But after finishing A-Levels, and enrolling on a “computing” degree at Leeds Met University, he got back on track – although a mix of financial and “miscellaneous” reasons meant that he quit full time study after 2 years, and dropped down to part time study (while working a day job as a stores administrator at a Telecoms company).

It wasn’t until 2004 (4 years in) that it suddenly struck him that web development was the way he wanted to go. As coincidence would have it, the same day his company announced a “redundancy review”, an internal advert for a student placement job in the Web Development team appeared on the Intranet and he applied – and with a bit of careful blagging, he got the job.

4 years on and 2 jobs later, Chris now works as a developer for a small media company in Leeds, spending his days and nights making fancy web applications and pretty websites. He throws a lot of his spare time into Freelance and personal projects and considers it as much of a hobby as it is a job. Whether thats because the lazy cynic in him hasn’t had a chance to kick in, only time will tell. But for now, Web Development is what he gets up in the morning for. He also *finally* graduated this year (2008), and is now Mou BSc. 😀

Ok so, enough all all this 3rd person crap.

I make pretty websites and elaborate internet applications. (and heres the geeky bit) – I’m a proficient coder in HTML, xHTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP (procedural and OO) and classic ASP. JavaScript – I’ve used PrototypeJS and Mootools in past projects. I even know a few odds and sods when it comes to Flash, as long as it involves tweening static graphics across the screen.

I’m also big into WordPress. I’ve got a few plugins and themes available, and a few more ideas in the pipeline. I also work with Jeremie Tisseau on the WPSynergy project.

So yeah, I’m Chris. How you doing? Thanks for visiting my site for whatever reason brought you here, and hope you found what you were looking for. Although if you’ve actually read this far through my about page, I assume you’re just here because you’re very, very bored… 🙂

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