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Modmat 1.1 released

I've officially released the 1.1 version of my Modmat theme into the wild. Just had the confirmation that its been updated on WordPress Extend, so its now available to download from there as well as my project page...Read the full article

Introducing Modmat – a free, 3 column, widget ready theme for WordPress

Introducing Modmat - my second attempt at the WordPress themes game, and a little more elaborate than my first effort: *unplanned. As the title says, Modmat is a 3 column, widget ready theme originally based on the Sandbox template...Read the full article

*unplanned – my first publically released WordPress theme!

After playing with around with a few designs (2 more are in the pipeline and should be out soon!) I've finally put together my first publically released WordPress theme - *unplanned. *unplanned is a 1 column, widget ready minimalist theme, using the Sandbox theme as a template - the aim was simplicity without the boring "all white" look...Read the full article