Glastonbury Festival 2007

Glastonbury 2007 lineup spreadsheet

2007 was the the 3rd time I'd been to Glasto and was a bit monumental to me. If you know me well, you'll know a had a bit of a bad knee break back in August 2006, and after an operation I was off work for about 4 months, and on crutches for another 4 or 5. Not knowing what state I'd be in come June, I bought my Glastonbury ticket in Feb and just sort of prayed it would all work out (and there wouldn't be too much mud!). Unfortunately, the mud prayer didn't work out but luckily I'd had the foresight to bring a crutch so I managed to get by. Its actually pretty cool, people actually move out your way when they see you struggling!

It was also the first festival I'd been to since I started operating this website seriously, and the first since I'd got my K800i phone with 3.2MP camera, so I had the chance to take some half decent photos and send them back live. This got them a fair bit of coverage on online news sites, and so I think I'll be doing this again in the future!

Although the plan was to blog while I was away, it just... didn't happen! Maybe next year.

What I photographed...

Below are all the photos I took while I was there, courtesy of Flickr

Most of them were sent back live to Flickr on the weekend, the rest were added when I got home..


What I posted...

Back and (nearly) recovered
29th Jun 2007
I'm back from the Glastonbury festival 2007, and my head is starting to feel back in one piece again. Well, I actually got back T ...
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Glastonbury 2007 Site Map
18th Jun 2007
Ive just stumbled across what appears to be a site map for the 2007 festival. In the past Ive seen similar things on the internet ...
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Tickets have arrived!
7th Jun 2007
Honestly, I'll stop harping on about the Glastonbury festival. Soon. Maybe. :wink: ...
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Cinema Film Listings – Glastonbury 2007
6th Jun 2007
Retrotastic!! Some classics on this year. Don't think I'll get time to watch all 3 Pirates of the Caribbean AND all 3 Lord of th ...
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Glastonbury 2007 Line Up – reordered for your viewing pleasure! ;)
6th Jun 2007
Ive collated a full list of all the artists playing at Glastonbury 2007, based on the list on the official website. The list is ...
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Glastonbury 2007 ticket confirmation – like Christmas has come early!
24th May 2007
After weeks and weeks of waiting, hoping and assuming, the email finally arrived. Armed with 2 reference numbers, I hit the Way ...
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And lastly...

Thanks to Will Fender and Rob Yeo, who helped make Glastonbury 2007 one of the best. I've never drunk so much pear cider, danced (in pain), eaten so much orange fudge or lit so many fires in my life. Cheers lads, hope next year is just as good! wink