Momentile on WordPress widget – a plugin for WordPress

This plugin allows you to display 1 or more of your latest momentile photos from on your WordPress sidebar as a widget.

The plugin allows you to set the number of images to show, as well as the size and the shape (square images are available up to 128px, original shape can be whatever size you want).

You can also add a custom inline style or a CSS class to the images via the options page.


You can see the widget in action on my homepage and just to the right of this post.
On the homepage, I’ve opted for 5 64px square images. On posts, I’m showing a single 296px image (the width of the sidebar).


  • Download the plugin
  • Unzip
  • Upload the entire momentile-on-wordpress folder to your plugins directory
  • Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click to ‘Activate’ Momentile on WordPress
  • Add your Momentile username on the settings page, and change any other settings as required

Then, if you are using a widget-enabled theme:

  • Go to Appearance->widgets and add the Momentile on WordPress widget to your sidebar

Or, if your theme is not widget enabled:

  • Open your theme folder
  • Open sidebar.php in a text editor
  • Add <?php mowp_widget(); ?> into the code where you want the widget to be

Version History / Changelog

  • Version 0.6.1 – Check added for fetch_feed error
  • Version 0.6 – Replaced functions deprecated in WP 3.0 – min. requirement now WP 2.8+.(10/7/2010)
  • Version – Fixed broken changelog (7/2/10)
  • Version – Fixed title/alt tag mix-up (7/2/10)
  • Version 0.5.3 – Changed call to mowp_widget in non widgetized themes to allow display of multiple Momentile accounts (apologies is this breaks any themes!), few layout fixes, tested up to wp2.9.1 (7/2/10)
  • Version – Added changelog, tested up to WP 2.8.3, added plugin directory tags
  • Version 0.5.2 – Fixed inconsistent square/thumbail option & option page labels
  • Version 0.5.1 – mowp_widget() function call for non-widgetized themes
  • Version 0.5 – Beta Release

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