Glastonbury Festival 2010 Lineup – download the spreadsheet!

HeavenThe lineup for this 2010 Glastonbury festival was released surprisingly early and incomplete – rather than the previous tradition of publishing the full line-up a few weeks before the festival, instead they’ve opted to drip feed us the info – the pyramid/other stage headliners, dance stages and other smaller stages were all announced separately. The end result of this is we currently have a line-up missing a few stages, and with a few TBAs thrown into the mix.

For that reason I’ve decided to hold back on my yearly tradition of publishing a spreadsheet, as I didn’t want to have to be updating every couple of days between now and June. However, it doesn seem to have stabilized enough now to feel confident that I won’t have to fix it too many more times.

If you’re wondering why I bother doing this every year, its because I like to have a alphabetically ordered list with me when I go. Thing is, I already know who I want to see by the time I get there, and when I forget what time/stage they’re playing on its a pain in the arse having to search through 3 days/20 stages of line-ups to find them. Thats why I’ve always preferred to have a alphabetically ordered list handy so I can quickly find when/where a band will be playing. Simplez. :)

I’ll update the spreadsheet when I hear word of bands being added/removed from the lineup, and as the details of more stages are released.

Enjoy! And see you at Glastonbury! :)

2 KingsCubehengeSunday 27th
6ixtoysCroissant NeufFriday 25th
A SkillzCubehengeSaturday 26th
A1 BasslinePussy ParlureThursday 24th
Adam ReganCubehengeSaturday 26th
Adam Shelton & Subb-anWOW!Friday 25th
Adrian Edmondson & The Bad ShepherdsAvalon StageSunday 27th
AfrobetaGlade StageFriday 25th
Aisle 16Poetry & WordsFriday 25th
Al StewartAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
Alabama 3Glade StageSunday 27th
Alabama 3 acousticAvalon StageSaturday 26th
Alan Price SetAcoustic StageFriday 25th
Alessi’s ArkThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
Andreattah ChumaPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Andreattah ChumaPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
Annie Nightingale’s Opening Party (Celebrating 40 years at Radio 1)Pussy ParlureThursday 24th
Ans & AllabyGlade StageSunday 27th
Archie Bronson OutfitThe Park StageSunday 27th
Arthur BrownGlade StageSunday 27th
AshJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
Ashley BeedleCubehengeSunday 27th
Attila the StockbrokerPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
Avi BuffaloThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
Baba BrinkmanPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Baba BrinkmanPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Back to BasicsWOW!Friday 25th
Band Of SkullsThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
BaobingaCubehengeSaturday 26th
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni BaWest HoltsSaturday 26th
Beach HouseThe Park StageSaturday 26th
BeakThe Park StageSunday 27th
Beth Jeans HoughtonThe Park StageFriday 25th
Biggles Wartime BandCroissant NeufFriday 25th
Billy The Undercover Hippy BandCroissant NeufFriday 25th
Bimbo JonesCubehengeSaturday 26th
Black CherryJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
Blood Red ShoesThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
Blues BandAcoustic StageSunday 27th
Bohdan PiaseckiPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
Bohdan PiaseckiPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Bombay Bicycle ClubJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
BonoboWest HoltsFriday 25th
Bootleg BeatlesAcoustic StageFriday 25th
Bourbon WarfarePussy ParlureFriday 25th
BreakageWOW!Saturday 26th
Breakestra with Chali 2naWest HoltsFriday 25th
Brian KennedyAcoustic StageFriday 25th
Broken BellsThe Park StageFriday 25th
Broken HeartsPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Broken Social SceneJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
Brother AliWest HoltsSaturday 26th
Bunny ComeEast DanceFriday 25th
CasenuvaGlade StageSunday 27th
Cate Le BonThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
Chapel ClubQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
Charles Hazelwood AllstarsGlade StageFriday 25th
Charlie WinstonAvalon StageSaturday 26th
Cherry GhostThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
ChiefThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
ChristopheWOW!Friday 25th
Christy Moore, with Declan SinnottAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
Coheed and CambriaOther StageSaturday 26th
Comperes – Dreadlockalien and Abbey OliveiraPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Corinne Bailey RaePyramid StageFriday 25th
Corinne Bailey RaeCriossant NeufSunday 27th
Cory ChiselAcoustic StageFriday 25th
Craig Charles Presents the Fantasy Funk BandWOW!Saturday 26th
CrazeWOW!Saturday 26th
Curved AirCroissant NeufThursday 24th
Cymbals Eat GuitarsJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius PipThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
Dan ManganJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
Danny and the Champions of the WorldAcoustic StageFriday 25th
Dave SeamanPussy ParlureThursday 24th
DC BreaksPussy ParlureThursday 24th
De StaatJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
DelphicJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
Detroit Social ClubJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
Detroit Social ClubThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
Devendra BanhartWest HoltsSaturday 26th
Dirty ProjectorsThe Park StageSunday 27th
Dizraeli & The Small GodsCroissant NeufSaturday 26th
Dizraeli and the Small GodsWest HoltsSunday 27th
Dizzee RascalPyramid StageFriday 25th
DJ A1 BasslineWest DanceSunday 27th
DJ Above & BeyondEast DanceSunday 27th
DJ Adam FWest DanceSunday 27th
DJ AeroplaneWest DanceFriday 25th
DJ Boy 8-BitWest DanceFriday 25th
DJ Boyz NoiseWest DanceFriday 25th
DJ Craig Charles Funk & SoulCubehengeSunday 27th
DJ Fake BloodWest DanceFriday 25th
DJ Fatboy SlimEast DanceFriday 25th
DJ Filthy DukesEast DanceSunday 27th
DJ Hannah HollandWest DanceFriday 25th
DJ JackbeatsWest DanceSunday 27th
DJ MistaJamEast DanceSaturday 26th
DJ Nick WarrenWest DanceSaturday 26th
DJ ParkerWest DanceSaturday 26th
DJ Riva StarrWest DanceSaturday 26th
DJ Rob da BankEast DanceFriday 25th
DJ Roger SanchezEast DanceFriday 25th
DJ RuskoWest DanceFriday 25th
DJ Sander KleinenbergWest DanceSaturday 26th
DJ Simian Mobile DiscoWest DanceFriday 25th
DJ South CentralWest DanceSunday 27th
DJ TBAEast DanceFriday 25th
DJ TBAEast DanceSaturday 26th
DJ Toddla TWest DanceSunday 27th
DJ Zane LoweEast DanceFriday 25th
DJ Zero 7CubehengeFriday 25th
DJ ZorroPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Don LettsGlade StageSaturday 26th
DoorlyPussy ParlureThursday 24th
Dr JohnWest HoltsSunday 27th
Dr RubberfunkPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
DreadzoneGlade StageSaturday 26th
Dub Boy ft RedskinWOW!Saturday 26th
Earl BrutusThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
Eclectic BallroomPussy ParlureFriday 25th
EditorsOther StageSaturday 26th
Egyptian Hip HopQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
El Diablos Social ClubWOW!Friday 25th
Elite ForcePussy ParlureThursday 24th
Ellen & The EscapadesAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
Ellen & The EscapadesAvalon StageSunday 27th
Ellie GouldingJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
EmalkayWOW!Saturday 26th
Empire Of The SunThe Park StageSunday 27th
entertainmentCroissant NeufFriday 25th
entertainmentCriossant NeufSunday 27th
Everything EverythingJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
FaithlessPyramid StageSunday 27th
Falling UpWOW!Sunday 27th
FanfarloThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
Far Too LoudPussy ParlureThursday 24th
Feeling GloomyPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Femi KutiPyramid StageFriday 25th
Femi KutiWest HoltsFriday 25th
Fiction PlaneThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
Field MusicJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
Field MusicThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
Fionn ReganThe Park StageSunday 27th
Fisherman’s FriendAcoustic StageSunday 27th
FloraCubehengeSunday 27th
Florence and The MachineOther StageFriday 25th
FoalsJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
Frank TurnerThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
Frankie & The Heart StringsThe Park StageSaturday 26th
Freq NastyGlade StageSaturday 26th
Frightened RabbitOther StageSunday 27th
FunkinevenWOW!Sunday 27th
FutureboogieWOW!Friday 25th
Gabby Young & Other AnimalsAvalon StageFriday 25th
Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian CircusAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
Gang of FourJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
George Clinton with Parliament / FunkadelicWest HoltsSaturday 26th
Glastonbury Festival Poetry Slam (hosted by Kat Francois)Poetry & WordsSunday 27th
GoldhawksThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
Goldheart AssemblyAvalon StageFriday 25th
GomezAvalon StageSunday 27th
Good ShoesThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
Grizzly BearOther StageSunday 27th
Groove ArmadaJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
Head ChargeGlade StageSaturday 26th
Helen Gregory and Benita JohnsonPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Helen Gregory and Pete HunterPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Here We Go MagicThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
Here We Go MagicThe Park StageSunday 27th
High ContrastWOW!Saturday 26th
Hobo Jones & The Junkyard DogsAvalon StageFriday 25th
Hollie McNishPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
Holy F***The Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
Holy F***John Peel StageSunday 27th
Horsemeat DiscoWOW!Friday 25th
Hot ChipOther StageFriday 25th
Hot FeatCroissant NeufSaturday 26th
HowlsQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
Husky RescueGlade StageFriday 25th
HybridGlade StageFriday 25th
Hyperdub with Kode9, Ikonika, Terror Danjah & Dark StarWOW!Sunday 27th
Hypnotic Brass EnsembleThe Park StageFriday 25th
I Am KlootThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
Iain Taylor (rEJEKTS)CubehengeFriday 25th
Imelda MayAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
Imelda MayAvalon StageSunday 27th
Imogen HeapOther StageSaturday 26th
Inverse Gravity VehicleGlade StageSunday 27th
Jack JohnsonPyramid StageSunday 27th
Jackson BrownePyramid StageSaturday 26th
Jackson Browne with David LindleyAcoustic StageSunday 27th
JakwobWOW!Saturday 26th
Jalapeno Sound SystemPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
Jamie JonesWOW!Friday 25th
Jamie TJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
Jamie xxWOW!Thursday 24th
Jaymo & Andy GeorgeWOW!Thursday 24th
Jean Binta BreezePoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA OrchestraWest HoltsSaturday 26th
Jo Bell (Website Poet in Residence)Poetry & WordsSunday 27th
Joel RafaelAcoustic StageSunday 27th
John HegleyPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
Jon Allen & BandAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
Jonny FluffypunkPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Jonny FluffypunkPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
Jose Luis & DancersPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Joshua RadinCroissant NeufSaturday 26th
Joy OrbisonWOW!Thursday 24th
Judy CollinsAvalon StageSunday 27th
Julian CasablancasJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
Julian Ramsey-WadePoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Julian Tulk BandCroissant NeufFriday 25th
Julian, Mr M & Miguel Salsa Magic (Dance animation & audience participation)Pussy ParlureFriday 25th
Julie FeeneyAcoustic StageFriday 25th
Kat FrancoisPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Kate NashOther StageSaturday 26th
Kate TempestPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Kate TempestPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
KeleJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
Kirsty AlmeidaAvalon StageSunday 27th
KissmetCroissant NeufThursday 24th
Kissy Sell OutCubehengeSaturday 26th
Kormac Big BandCubehengeSunday 27th
L-VIS 1990WOW!Saturday 26th
La bomba – Latin Explosion:Pussy ParlureFriday 25th
La RouxOther StageFriday 25th
Laura MarlingThe Park StageSaturday 26th
lcd soundsystemOther StageSunday 27th
Let’s Buy HappinessJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
LevellersGlade StageSunday 27th
LewahPussy ParlureThursday 24th
LissieThe Park StageFriday 25th
LissieThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
Live Alex MetricWest DanceSunday 27th
Live Andreya TrianaPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Live Banco de GaiaWest DanceSaturday 26th
Live BashyEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live BeardymanWOW!Thursday 24th
Live Blasted MechanismWest DanceSunday 27th
Live Boy GeorgeWOW!Thursday 24th
Live Central SpillzWOW!Saturday 26th
Live Chase and StatusEast DanceFriday 25th
Live ChiddybangEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live ChipmunkEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live ChromeoWest DanceFriday 25th
Live Crazy PWOW!Friday 25th
Live Crystal CastlesEast DanceSunday 27th
Live Crystal FightersEast DanceSunday 27th
Live DaM FunKWOW!Sunday 27th
Live DelphicWest DanceFriday 25th
Live DonaeoEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live Drumsound & Bassline SmithPussy ParlureThursday 24th
Live Dub PistolsWest DanceSaturday 26th
Live DubfireWest DanceSaturday 26th
Live Dynamo Rhythm AcesPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Live ExampleEast DanceFriday 25th
Live Fat 45’sPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Live Foreign BeggarsWest DanceSaturday 26th
Live Four TetWOW!Sunday 27th
Live GiggsEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live Hot D’JourWOW!Saturday 26th
Live Hot NaturedWOW!Thursday 24th
Live Hudson MohawkeWOW!Sunday 27th
Live Incredibly Strange Film BandPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Live Jaguar SkillsWest DanceSunday 27th
Live KelisEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live KillaflawWest DanceSunday 27th
Live Kormac Big BandPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Live Magnetic ManWest DanceSunday 27th
Live McCleanEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live Mix HellWest DanceSaturday 26th
Live MovitsPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Live N-DubzEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live Naive New BeatersEast DanceSunday 27th
Live Neville StapleWest DanceSaturday 26th
Live NnekaWOW!Friday 25th
Live Plan BEast DanceFriday 25th
Live Professor GreenPussy ParlureThursday 24th
Live Professor GreenEast DanceSunday 27th
Live Reverend Sound SystemPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
Live Robin Del Castillo & his Latin BandPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Live Roll DeepEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live Secret Cinema BandPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Live Smoove & TurrellPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
Live Snap!WOW!Sunday 27th
Live Sound Of RumPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Live Stanton WarriorsWest DanceSunday 27th
Live SwaparamaPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
Live Taylor McFerrinPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
Live The CorrespondentsPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Live The OrbCubehengeFriday 25th
Live Tinie TempahEast DanceSaturday 26th
Live Top Shelf JazzPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Live Trio ManouchePussy ParlureSunday 27th
Live Twilight PlayersPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Live Virus SyndicateWest DanceSunday 27th
Live Wax TailorWOW!Thursday 24th
Local NativesQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
Local NativesThe Park StageFriday 25th
London Community Gospel ChoirAcoustic StageSunday 27th
Lord Fine Ear and PerformersPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Lou RhodesAvalon StageFriday 25th
Loudon Wainwright IIIAcoustic StageSunday 27th
Lovely Morning with Randy & Earls Old Record ClubPussy ParlureFriday 25th
Luke WrightPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
Luke WrightPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Magic NumbersThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
Mamy RockCubehengeFriday 25th
Mariachi El BronxWest HoltsFriday 25th
Marina & The DiamondsJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
Matt Tolfrey & GeddesWOW!Friday 25th
Matthew Herbert Big BandWest HoltsFriday 25th
MayhewAcoustic StageSunday 27th
McIntosh RossAcoustic StageFriday 25th
Megan HenwoodAcoustic StageFriday 25th
MGMTOther StageSunday 27th
Michael Eavis In ConversationAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
MidlakeThe Park StageSaturday 26th
Mos Def (with full live band)West HoltsFriday 25th
Mountain ManThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
MovitsCroissant NeufFriday 25th
MovitsPussy ParlureSunday 27th
MrB. The Gentleman RhymerCroissant NeufSaturday 26th
Mumford & SonsJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
Murray Lachlan YoungPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
MusePyramid StageSaturday 26th
My LuminariesQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
NeroPussy ParlureThursday 24th
New Model ArmyAvalon StageFriday 25th
Newton FaulknerAvalon StageFriday 25th
Nick HarperAvalon StageSaturday 26th
Nick HollywoodPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Nick LoweAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
Norah JonesPyramid StageSunday 27th
Norman Jay Good Times ‘Carnival King’CubehengeSunday 27th
Nouvelle Vague & GuestsWest HoltsFriday 25th
ON u Sound/SherwoodGlade StageSaturday 26th
Open mic. (hosted by Julian Ramsey-Wade)Poetry & WordsSaturday 26th
OrbitalOther StageSunday 27th
Os MutantesWest HoltsSaturday 26th
Outdoor & BandstandCroissant NeufFriday 25th
Outdoor & BandstandCriossant NeufSunday 27th
Outdoor & Bandstand entertainmentCroissant NeufSaturday 26th
Paloma FaithPyramid StageSunday 27th
PathaanCubehengeSaturday 26th
Paul LymanCubehengeSaturday 26th
Paula VarjackPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Paula VarjackPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
PBR StreetgangWOW!Friday 25th
Peggy SueThe Park StageSaturday 26th
Penny AshtonPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Penny AshtonPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Pet Shop BoysOther StageSaturday 26th
Pete GoodingCubehengeFriday 25th
Pete HunterPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Pete the TempPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Pete the TempPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Phenomenal Handclap BandThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
PhoenixOther StageFriday 25th
PoeticatPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
PoeticatPoetry & WordsSunday 27th
Portico QuartetThe Park StageSunday 27th
Posh BoyCroissant NeufThursday 24th
Primary OneEast DanceSunday 27th
Prof Nohair & the Wig LiftersCriossant NeufSunday 27th
Quantic & his Combo BarbaroWest HoltsSunday 27th
QuintessenceGlade StageSunday 27th
QuivverGlade StageFriday 25th
Randy & Earls Old Record ClubPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
Randy & Earls Old Record ClubPussy ParlureSunday 27th
Ray DaviesPyramid StageSunday 27th
Ray MightyCubehengeSunday 27th
Redlight & MC DreadWOW!Saturday 26th
ReefOther StageSaturday 26th
Richard ThompsonAcoustic StageSunday 27th
RobinsonAcoustic StageSunday 27th
Rock Idol (Live Karaoke)Pussy ParlureSaturday 26th
Rodrigo y GabrielaWest HoltsSunday 27th
Rolf HarrisPyramid StageFriday 25th
RoskaWOW!Sunday 27th
RSDCubehengeSunday 27th
RSVPCriossant NeufSunday 27th
Sabrina MahfouzPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Sabrina MahfouzPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
SashaGlade StageFriday 25th
Scissor SistersPyramid StageSaturday 26th
Sean RowleyQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
Sean RowleyThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
Sean RowleyThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
Sean RowleyThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
Seasick StevePyramid StageSaturday 26th
Seth LakemanCroissant NeufFriday 25th
ShakiraPyramid StageSaturday 26th
ShortstuffWOW!Saturday 26th
Shouting At PlanesThe Queen’s HeadSaturday 26th
SlashPyramid StageSunday 27th
Snoop DoggPyramid StageFriday 25th
Sophie HungerJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
Special GuestsThe Park StageFriday 25th
Special GuestsThe Park StageSaturday 26th
Special GuestsAvalon StageSunday 27th
SpookyCubehengeFriday 25th
Staff Benda BililiWest HoltsSunday 27th
Steve Harley & Cockney RebelAvalon StageSaturday 26th
Steve MasonThe Park StageFriday 25th
Stevie WonderPyramid StageSunday 27th
StornowayThe Park StageSaturday 26th
Strange BoysThe Park StageSaturday 26th
Sub Focus LiveGlade StageSaturday 26th
System 7Glade StageSunday 27th
Take It 2 The BridgePussy ParlureFriday 25th
TayoWOW!Sunday 27th
TBAOther StageFriday 25th
TBAJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
TBAGlade StageFriday 25th
TBAThe Park StageSaturday 26th
TBAGlade StageSaturday 26th
TBAOther StageSunday 27th
TBAThe Park StageSunday 27th
TBAPussy ParlureSunday 27th
TBAPussy ParlureSunday 27th
TBAPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
TBAThe Park StageSunday 27th
Teddy ThompsonAvalon StageSunday 27th
Tegan and SaraJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
The Avett BrothersAvalon StageSaturday 26th
The BaghdaddiesCriossant NeufSunday 27th
The Ballad of BritainThe Park StageSaturday 26th
The BeatCroissant NeufSaturday 26th
The Bee KeepersCubehengeSunday 27th
The BeesThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
The BeesWest HoltsSunday 27th
The Big PinkThe Park StageFriday 25th
The Black KeysJohn Peel StageFriday 25th
The Boat BandCroissant NeufFriday 25th
The CheekQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
The CourteenersOther StageFriday 25th
The CribsOther StageSaturday 26th
The Dead WeatherPyramid StageSaturday 26th
The DrumsJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
The Flaming LipsOther StageFriday 25th
The HeatwaveWOW!Saturday 26th
The Hold SteadyOther StageSunday 27th
The Kevin Brown TrioCroissant NeufSaturday 26th
The King BluesQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
The Leisure SocietyAcoustic StageSaturday 26th
The Lightning SeedsPyramid StageSaturday 26th
The Lightning SeedsAvalon StageSaturday 26th
The Magic NumbersOther StageFriday 25th
The MagnetCubehengeFriday 25th
The Middle EastThe Queen’s HeadSunday 27th
The Mystery JetsThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
The NationalOther StageSaturday 26th
The OrbGlade StageSaturday 26th
The People’s String FoundationCriossant NeufSunday 27th
The Phenomenal Handclap BandWest HoltsSaturday 26th
The RatpackWOW!Sunday 27th
The Saw DoctorsAvalon StageSunday 27th
The StranglersOther StageFriday 25th
The StrumpettesCroissant NeufThursday 24th
The StrumpettesCriossant NeufSunday 27th
The Temper TrapOther StageSunday 27th
The Travelling BandThe Park StageSunday 27th
The UnthanksAvalon StageSaturday 26th
The VagabandCroissant NeufSaturday 26th
The WoodentopsAvalon StageFriday 25th
The WurzelsAvalon StageSaturday 26th
The xxThe Park StageFriday 25th
The xxJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
These New PuritansJohn Peel StageSunday 27th
Tiffany PageThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
Tinchy StryderPyramid StageSaturday 26th
Tom Williams & The BoatAvalon StageSaturday 26th
Tony WalshPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
Toots & the MaytalsWest HoltsSunday 27th
Transglobal UndergroundAvalon StageFriday 25th
Troy Ellis & The LongshotsWest HoltsSaturday 26th
TubelordThe Queen’s HeadFriday 25th
tUnE-yArDsWest HoltsFriday 25th
TunngWest HoltsSunday 27th
Turin BrakesAcoustic StageFriday 25th
Two Door Cinema ClubQueen’s HeadThursday 24th
Two Door Cinema ClubOther StageSaturday 26th
U2Pyramid StageFriday 25th
UntoldWOW!Sunday 27th
Vampire WeekendPyramid StageFriday 25th
VentriloquistPoetry & WordsFriday 25th
VentriloquistPoetry & WordsSaturday 26th
Way Out WestGlade StageFriday 25th
We Are ScientistsOther StageSunday 27th
We Have BandEast DanceSunday 27th
WedgeWOW!Sunday 27th
Western SoulPussy ParlureSaturday 26th
Wild BeastsJohn Peel StageSaturday 26th
Will SaulCubehengeFriday 25th
Willie NelsonPyramid StageFriday 25th
YasminEast DanceSunday 27th
Yeovil Town BandPyramid StageSunday 27th
Zen ElephantsCriossant NeufSunday 27th

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