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Glastonbury Festival camping essentials… part 2

This post was written as an extension to my original Glastonbury Festival camping essentials post from back in 2008 - if you haven't seen it yet and you're struggling on what to bring, I'd advise checking that too...Read the full article

Glastonbury Festival 2010 Lineup – download the spreadsheet!

The lineup for this 2010 Glastonbury festival was released surprisingly early and incomplete - rather than the previous tradition of publishing the full line-up a few weeks before the festival, instead they've opted to drip feed us the info - the pyramid/other stage headliners, dance stages and other smaller stages were all announced separately...Read the full article

Glastonbury 2010 ticket resale date announced

The official Glastonbury Festival Twitter page has just made the announcement thousands of people will have been waiting for: The re-sale of cancelled tickets for Glastonbury 2010 will take place on Sun, April 11 - info at http://bit...Read the full article

Glastonbury 2010 ticket payment deadline extended – official resale date to be announced soon

In what will be welcome news to those who got too wasted this weekend and forgot to pay the balance on their Glastonbury tickets before the 28th February midnight deadline, Glastonbury organisers have announced on Twitter: 48 hour grace period for those yet to pay the balance of their tickets (you have until Tuesday night) - http://bit...Read the full article

Glastowatch forums online

This is a bit of old news, but I do have a habit of blogging about things a few days too late. The Glastowatch forums are now online. I have pretty high hopes for them as I know the guy that runs it is a bit of a hardcore Glastonbury obsessive (like moi), and generally a sound bloke...Read the full article

Got my tickets

Looks like I'll be off to the 2010 Glastonbury festival, after a shakey few hours waiting for confirmation. The new SeeTickets traffic management system sounded good on paper, but in fact was as big as fail as previous years - if not bigger...Read the full article

Glastonbury 2010 and 2011 are ON

Confirmation from the Glastonbury website that the festival will be running in 2010 & 2011. Efestivals are speculating that 2012 will be the "rest year" where we all either a) wander about all summer wondering what we did before we discovered Glastonbury, or b) Go to V/Isle of Wight/Lattitude/etc...Read the full article

Mou @ The Glastonbury Festival 2009

Well, to be fair I've been back 5 days now, but to continue with my tradition of lazy blogging heres my 2009 Glastonbury Festival write up a few days late. I've also took a pile of photos, the best of which now live on Flickr Wednesday I'd done the usual of driving to Robs and saying on his boat on the Tuesday night...Read the full article

Glastonbury Festival 2009 line-up, in all its alphabetically ordered glory

I'm a few days late this year, but as is becoming tradition - here is the Glastonbury 2009 line-up ordered alphabetically for those of us who like to indulge our OCD every so often. I've found that in the past I go to Glastonbury with a fair idea in my mind of who I want to see already, so its good to be able to refer back quickly to the artist and see what day they're planning...Read the full article

Tickets are here – Glastonbury 2009 is official :P

But seriously, I think it may be time to update my photo If you can't tell, its a "damn, I've only got 1 day left to register!" photo taken at about 8am. I look like a need some sleep - and a hairbrush...Read the full article