Google Search Beta – Now with keyboard shortcuts

Google LabsIf you’re a big fan of Keyboard shortcuts, then Googles latest experimental search offering may be for you.

I’m a pretty fast typist, but inevitably reaching for the mouse is always going to limit how much I can accomplish in the time available. So Ive always been open to learning any keyboard shortcuts I think I could benefit from – from obvious generic windows shortcuts like Ctrl+C for copy, to Ctrl+R to run queries from within Visual Studio SQL Query Analyser (took me ages to find that one!). So finding a way of skipping through Google results without using the mouse instantly made sense. As an added bonus, users of Google Reader should instantly recognise the shortcuts as those used to navigate their RSS feeds.

You’d be suprised how many times you’ll click your mouse during a single session on your PC. Don’t believe me? Try downloading Clickr and start counting your mouse clicks. I think you’ll be suprised!

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