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Firefox 3 – finally, a browser worth shouting about

Firefox 3 RC has been released, and bizarre as it sounds, it leaves me wondering how we ever settled for anything less. Ive been using FF3 since Beta 1, and the improvements were obvious even then. The notorious memory leak seemed to follow me around wherever I went - desktop, laptop, work, etc...Read the full article

Want to stream live video to the Internet via your camera phone?

Perhaps I'm a bit late getting to this, but Ive just signed for up (what looks like) an amazing service called Qik. Cheers to Mr Scoble for bringing it to my attention! The concept seems to be - if you have a nokia phone (with video capture capabilities), you sign up, download the software, then stream your video to the web...Read the full article

Taming kontiki – a kservice.exe solution for iPlayer and 4OD. No more 100% CPU usage!

Ive just stumbled across a blog post to by a fella called Murad who says he's developed a mini application to stop the iPlayer and 4OD services completely on request - so when you're done using them, you're actually done using them and no longer subject to Kontiki's kservice p2p bandwidth hogging "malware"...Read the full article

Its official, HD DVD is dead – spare a thought for the poor Xbox owners…

Its official - the HD DVD format is dead (or more accurately, Toshiba has removed the life support machine and its been read its last rites..). Toshiba have announced they are ceasing productions of the players, but will continue supporting the players already on the market...Read the full article

Woops, Kontiki did it again – kservice.exe and the BBC iPlayer

I wrote a post a couple of months ago after discovering Channel 4s 4OD service (via an in-built p2p application) was using my PC as a download server. That is to say, it was using my PC to distribute the files to other 4OD users even after I'd quit the application...Read the full article

Google Search Beta – Now with keyboard shortcuts

If you're a big fan of Keyboard shortcuts, then Googles latest experimental search offering may be for you. I'm a pretty fast typist, but inevitably reaching for the mouse is always going to limit how much I can accomplish in the time available...Read the full article

#1 most asked iPhone question – answered

Theres been a bit of talk at my office about the iPhone, and god knows Ive seen enough videos/reviews/blog entries on the subject. But most of them concentrate on the "incidental" features of Apples latest release such as the camera, touch screen, WiFi etc...Read the full article

kservice.exe, Channel 4 and the stolen bandwidth…

I noticed tonight there was a bit more activity on my firewall than there should have been. A quick netstat -o threw me up a mystery IP, which got me a bit suspicious. Checking the firewall shows a kservice...Read the full article