So long NG Bailey, its been fun

My leaving present! Ha!Nearly 3 years after starting a 1 year “Student Placement” as a systems developer for NG Bailey in Bradford, I finally walked out the door for the last time on Friday – the never ending contract finally came to an end! Ive now got the fun of a few weeks off while I work on a few personal projects I’ve been meaning to finish, kick back, do my last exam and find a new job!

It feels wierd leaving – especially since I worked about 2 years before that at a subsidiary company, Bailey Teswaine, and only having actually been in Yorkshire 7 years, its hard to remember not working for them.

I spent my time working on the company intranet, which was great. 50% was maintenance, which allowed for reading through lines and lines of existing code. Boring to some, but when its all new to you its a great way to pick it up. The rest was project work, which meant building apps for people who had a specific requirement for it – satisfying, because you know in 99% in cases it’ll make their job a little easier!! Plus because it was all internal, it allowed for a certain amount creativity you may not get working on a public facing site. All in all, it was a fantastic place to learn.

Cheers to Paul, Tez and Mark for teaching me a hell of a lot of what I know – especially Tez who showed me coding JavaScript doesnt always have to end with you banging your head off a desk – well, not all the time anyway. And cheers to them and everyone else – Browno, George, Bloomo, Penny, Dave et al – who kept me entertained day in, day out.

And most of all, thanks for the leaving present (above). Genius 😉

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  1. Tweet

    What was Paul’s last name @ NG Bailey?

  2. mou

    lol I don’t know if he’d be too happy with me plastering his full name on the internet without asking him first!!

    Lets say it started with a H 😉

    Why you ask?


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