Its official, HD DVD is dead – spare a thought for the poor Xbox owners…

Its official – the HD DVD format is dead (or more accurately, Toshiba has removed the life support machine and its been read its last rites..). Toshiba have announced they are ceasing productions of the players, but will continue supporting the players already on the market.

Thanks GOD I (or anyone else in my house) decided against investing in a HDDVD player for the Xbox 360, otherwise I’d I think I’d be spitting teeth about now. That said, if you’re going to buy a player in the middle of a format war then you’re asking for trouble!

Microsoft have remained upbeat about the whole thing, pointing out that this would not affect their customers ability to play already-owned HD DVD’s and HD movies downloaded over Xbox LIVE. I can’t imagine thats much consolation to the early adopters that are now £100-£150 out of pocket.

So keep an eye out for a blu-ray attachment for the Xbox 360 being released in the not too distant future. I imagine Microsoft will want to get themselves knee-deep in this emerging market as soon as possible.

The one good thing about this announcement? I can now go and buy a HD movie player without worrying about it being obsolete in a few months!!

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  1. Ah – but in some ways, they are still lucky, I think Blu Ray will never win either, it will be HD digital downloads only before long!

    Thats my view anyhow …


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