WordPress 2.5 and Automatic Plugin Upgrades

WordPress LogoI guess it sums up my luck that after a month of Beta testing, RC testing and now testing the full release, I’ve never managed to get the new WordPress Automatic Plugin Upgrade system to work on my server (which currently has its share of problems it seems, but unfortunately none of them seem to apply to my situation).

Admittedly, I havent put much time into figuring out the problem. I had a quick look, then gave up after I noticed I was getting any of about 4 different errors depending on when I tried to use it. fsock errors, unzipping errors and now a “cannot create folder” error.

Hopeully its a permissions thing, in which case – what folder needs to be chmoded? Most likely the plugins folder (assuming its not trying to create a temp folder somewhere), but then I have to ask myself – do I really want to change the permissions on my entire plugins folder? Bit of further investigation needed methinks…

I’ve seen it in action on my workmates installation and it looks pretty damn cool. Plus anything that can save me 10 minutes on mundane tasks is always a bonus. :sigh: I guess I’ll bite the bullet and change the permissions. A little annoying though as I generally try and keep all my core files owned by root, then avoid using my root account whereever possible. Not the most effective line of security, but hopefully it’d give any would-be hackers a harder time compromising my installation…

But then again, I may just sack the whole thing off for now. The SWF uploader looks sweet, the colour scheme/layout is a MASSIVE improvement (regardless of what the “I don’t like change” crowd are saying) and it seems to perform a little better – on my local installation at least. But… its a big release, so bugs are almost inevitable. 2.3.3 is a stable release, so maybe waiting for 2.5.1 would be more sensible…

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  1. My another Blog is upgraded to 2.5 well,I like the wyswug but I don’t like the dashboard design, and the widget presenation.. huff why the drag and drop is gone ?… 🙁

    Chris, do you have a free SOCKS ? I need that. Indonesia is sucks now…..
    Could U send me by email if you have plzz

  2. mou

    Really?? I love the layout. Looks a lot cleaner than the old style. Nicer colours, easier on the eye… you’ll get used to it! 😉

    I don’t need a SOCKS proxy, my home connection is great! Google “free socks proxy” and check those sites out…


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