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Sorry to everyone…

... who's emailed me in the past 2 weeks, mainly regarding updates to Modmat and the Facebook Dashboard Widget (what with Wordpress 2.7 on the horizon). Its been a stupidly busy month for me so far. Some specific apps Ive been helping to write for the Christmas period are due for launch in a few days, plus Ive been freelancing on the side...Read the full article

Modmat Mod!

Just spotted a modified version of my free Modmat WordPress theme when looking through my referrers. I wanted to send him a quick email to say well done (seriously, I love it) but the sites in Russian and I don't know the Ruskie for "Contact Me", so I thought I'd give him a little link love instead...Read the full article

Modmat on WordPress Extend

Modmat, a WordPress theme I put together a few months ago, has been accepted onto the new WordPress Extend themes site. Cool! Unsurprisingly, exposing it to so many people has surfaced a few minor bugs, which are now fixed...Read the full article

WordPress 2.5 and Automatic Plugin Upgrades

I guess it sums up my luck that after a month of Beta testing, RC testing and now testing the full release, I've never managed to get the new WordPress Automatic Plugin Upgrade system to work on my server (which currently has its share of problems it seems, but unfortunately none of them seem to apply to my situation)...Read the full article

WordPress SEO White Paper

There's a WordPress SEO white paper available that describes some good ways to get more attention from the search engines. Its been around about a week, but Ive only just had the chance to read it through in the last day or 2...Read the full article

How many times do I have to tell you? My wp-pass.php is patched!!

Since the new year - new years day, strangely enough - Ive noticed a change in the way "the bad guys" try to interact with my site. Spam has slowed to a trickle, whereas attempts to exploit WordPress vulnerabilities seem to have increased 10 fold...Read the full article relaunched

After realising last week that I'm still paying for 3 separate web hosting packages, this weekend seemed like a good time to think about consolidating all the sites I'm hosting for people onto a single server...Read the full article