More injuries

Another knee injuryGah. I’ve managed to hurt myself again.

This time I went over on some ice and managed to twist my left leg underneath me when I fell. Same knee I broke a couple of years back, so it was already a mess. This just made it worse.

This actually happened last saturday, but after going to the doctors midweek I decided to go to the hospital later as it was still pretty damn swollen. I figured it’d be a quick check up and out the door.

4 hours and an x-ray later, they decided no bones were broken (although were strangely amused by the 2 screws in my knee from the previous operation). But as predicted, the swelling was too much to really examine it too much so Ive been booked in again in a week. Dammit!

I also got 2 shiny new crutches, at the cost of losing one of my 3 year old Glastonbury veteran crutches. That takes my total up to 5 now – 3 metal, 2 wooden. How depressing. But the worst part was that they’ve put me in some sort of velcro splint. Over the past 5 days its got to the point of me being able to hobble about on it with no pain, and now I’m worse off than I was 6 days ago – well, movement-wise anyway. At least theres no pain anymore – its nice being able to sleep at night!

Ah well, these seems to be a shrug-of-the-shoulders “it happens” moment. Work has sorted me out with a VPN so I can get back to working full time from home next week and I’ll have an online christmas shopping rampage this weekend, so neither of those to worry about.

I’ll be back on my feet in no time 😉

3 Responses to “More injuries”

  1. Tez

    I know it’s wrong to laugh and joke at other people’s misfortune but this is too good an opportunity to miss. HA. ICE you say? On the positive mr Mou, at least it beats playing rounders; I hope you weren’t keeping this too quiet 😉 I think Mou needs to live in a padded world, safer for him and safer for us. Take it easy mate, hope you’re up and falling sometime soon.

  2. You tit! Hope you get better soon mate, least you get to watch all the xmas day time tv shows now!

  3. mou

    Tez – yeah yeah, I’m a walking disaster, what can I say? I’m not getting 3 months off work this time though! lol

    Phunky – cheers mate. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing though… :/


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