Glastonbury 2009 just around the corner – time to clean last years mud off my tent!

Glastonbury 2009 SitemapIt occurred to me earlier that Glastonbury 2009 is just around the corner (less than 2 months away) and I haven’t started getting that tingle of excitement that usually hits me around January (!). Although to be honest, Ive barely thought of anything outside of PHP, HTML and Left 4 Dead for the past 4 weeks – virtually every free moment has consisted of being knee deep in one of the 3.

But its getting harder and harder to ignore – Glastofest updates are getting more frequent, I’m hearing it mentioned on Twitter, and all my Glasto posts from last year are starting to see traffic again! (with the majority of visits from people looking for Blur are scheduled to play, which should be a nice blast from the past. Kasabian are also confirmed for the Saturday, playing just before Bruce Springsteen. Now, Bruce Springsteen… maybe I’m just too young to appreciate his music (its not often I get to say that anymore), but to me this sounds like a bit of a blow out for a Saturday night headliner. Sure, I bet he’ll end up playing to a packed crowd – but I have to wonder how many will go there to hear Springsteen’s music, and how many will go because he’s famous. I’m willing to bet the majority will be the latter.

Another strange (but intriguing) addition this year is the 3D silent disco. For those who haven’t heard about this, the silent disco is the most bizarre invention ever – after midnight when (most of) the live music comes to an end, the silent disco begins – on entry you’re given a set of wireless headphones, and when you enter the dance area the music starts playing. So in effect, to anyone not wearing headphones, its a field full of people dancing to silence. Get it? Good. Well this years its in 3D – as the Glastonbury site puts it:

Featuring eye-popping high-definition graphics, and revisiting more pop-culture than you could with a time-travelling DeLorean, 3D Disco combines cutting-edge club music with a classic twist and epic visuals that spill from the screens… literally!

Sounds great!

So once again, I’m excited. It may have taken sitting down and typing a blog post to remind me how much I’m looking forward to it, but regardless – I can’t wait. 🙂

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