Glastonbury 2010 ticket payment deadline extended – official resale date to be announced soon

In what will be welcome news to those who got too wasted this weekend and forgot to pay the balance on their Glastonbury tickets before the 28th February midnight deadline, Glastonbury organisers have announced on Twitter:

48 hour grace period for those yet to pay the balance of their tickets (you have until Tuesday night) –

So anyone who paid their initial £50 deposit and have not yet paid the rest of the balance now until 23:59 on the 2nd March to get their final payments in. How you read into this if up to you, but an announcement like that seems to suggest that a lot of ticket balances are still unpaid. if this is the case, its great news for those of you that didn’t manage to get tickets the first time.

In somewhat related news, in response to a tweet with regards to Glastonbury ticket resales, GlastoFest have also announced:

We’ll be announcing the resale date in advance here and on the official site …[snip]

GlastoWatch, checks the SeeTickets ticket page every 5 minute and builds the banner based on the message on the page. Very elaborate, and I applaud him for doing this, but the fact people had to go to these lengths shows that a change in policy from the Glastonbury Festival organisers was long overdue.

I have a few friends out travelling at the moment (currently in Thailand) who I promised I would let know as soon as I heard tickets were back on sale. For them, advance warning could be the difference between getting them or not (as I’m sure is the case with a lot of people) so hats off to the Glastonbury organisers for being more pro-active and transparent this year and not springing the resale on people.

The one down side to all this – all this talk of Glastonbury is making the remaining 4 month wait seem even longer! 😛

Update (3/3/2010): Some rumours are flying around that SeeTickets customer services have stated a resale date of April 11. However, as noted, this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve made something like this up so don’t take this as fact! I’ll be sure to add details here when I hear more.

Update (16/3/2010): Resale date has been announced! More details here.

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