99% of Sun readers "want the death penalty returned" in the UK

The Sun - Sensationalist BullshitJust when I thought The Sun “newspaper” couldn’t sink any lower into the gutter, I pass the newspaper rack in my local petrol station and see possibly the most depressing front page I can remember:

Things like this are what can make a person disappointed in Britain. If this is true (assuming this isn’t bullshit made up by their editorial team – it wouldn’t be the first time), then the implication is that 99 out of every 100 sun readers think the death penalty should be a viable option when sentencing for certain types of crimes. I don’t know whats worse, the people that picked up their phone and spent money to vote that human beings should be institutionally murdered or the Sun for validating this “news” by printing it.

What sort of logic dictates that to punish someone for taking a life, you should take their life?!?!? Dear GOD am I the only person who sees the hypocrisy in that?!? (well, me and 610000 other people in Britain according the Suns stats… :wink:)

If you want more info on how much of a joke the Sun are, buy todays paper and marvel at how they’ve stretched this sensationalist bullshit over 5 PAGES.

The truly unbelievable part is the wealth of “experts” they wheel out to quote. All families of victims of murders – except Mark Wright, son of Steve Wright, who was apparently “abandoned” at 2 years old – all, arguably, making a judgement based on emotion rather than logic. Does the Sun see this as acceptable behaviour? I can’t help but think that contacting the relatives of a murder victim for a quote is a little on the sick side.

Incidently, I used to read the sun when I lived with my parents. The last time I ever took it seriously was before the Beckham-Loos “scandal”, where they dedicated pages 2-11 to it. Yep, 9 whole pages.

The Sun – its rags like you that make me glad “old media” is dying. Harsh, but true.

p.s. Sorry for the rant 😉

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  1. Burn down the sun offices

    Wouldn’t donate it to the fish shop…. would contaminate the chips. Absolute bullshit. Especially considering only 3% of the sun’s readership voted (about 95000 people). Real accurate. Yeaaah…

  2. Stuart Kirk

    I find it very disturbing that “The Sun” – a so called newspaper” has highest circulation of any daily English-language newspaper in the world and the biggest circulation within the UK, standing at an average of 3,121,000 copies a day.

  3. NTBoss

    I’ve been reading since The Sun is too rich for the blood (and eyes!). What I’m getting at is that in Britain, headlines have been presenting the citizen’s as being terrorized by wild undesireables with no provocation whatsoever. Bashings are common, you can’t even protect your own property without hurting yourself.
    Though I am not for the death penalty, I just hope you see where the people who voted ‘Yes’were coming from. Instead of the rant, maybe a proposal of how to rehabilitate offenders with minor offenses and keep the very dangerous criminals under lock and key in age-suitable confines. In light of the 2 torturer brothers, every country with this concern should have better social services to make sure ill-bred and violent people don’t infect their children with deadening callousness and cold blood.
    I hope you post this kind Sir. Thanks!

    • mou

      Not sure if this is spam or not (turned up in my spam folder) so I’ve removed the link to your site to be safe. My apologies if askimet got it wrong.

      I can see where the “yes” voters were coming from, unfortunately its a dark place full of bias. Asking a person whose son was murdered if they think they death penalty should be brought back is not only irresponsible, but will in most cases produce the same answer – hell, if one of my family members was killed I’d want the person that did it dead. But that doesn’t make it right, it means I’m reacting to emotion.

      In my opinion, wishing death on a murderer does nothing other than lower yourself to their level. We don’t live in a “tooth for a tooth or an eye for an eye” society – attitudes like that seen in other countries lead to lynch mobs, criminals burnt alive in the streets and other atrocities. Put simply, by condoning killing a murderer, if gives a false impression that revenge is OK, as long as it is somehow “justified”.


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