WordPress SEO White Paper

There’s a WordPress SEO white paper available that describes some good ways to get more attention from the search engines. Its been around about a week, but Ive only just had the chance to read it through in the last day or 2.

Well worth a read, if only for the list of relevant SEO plugins. One thing I took from this is the fact that I now have a lot of duplicate content since the release of WP 2.3, because I didn’t take account of the new “tag urls”. This can be fixed by using “excerpts” in posts, to keep the tag/category pages unique (depending on which one I allow the search engines to index). I’m glad I picked that little gem up now when I only have 2 dozen posts to edit, rather than in 2 years time.

A lot of whats on here are tips Ive seen elsewhere over the last year or so, but its good to have it all and more in one report (plus it makes good reading when your companies network goes down for the second time in a week!)

Hat tip to the authors, Blizzard Internet and Weblog Tools Collection for pointing me in its direction.

2 Responses to “WordPress SEO White Paper”

  1. Is the whitepaper talk about “pull up the PageRank” cause I need that ;-)…

  2. mou

    lol Yeah, well, its tips that will eventually pull up your pagerank. In theory, these tips are all things that Google will like, so I guess the answer is yes!

    I think I mentioned before, for you I’d seriously consider going through all your paid links (like the banners on the left) and adding a rel=”nofollow” to the link tags. Pagerank works mostly by looking at how many links there are to a site and considers each link like a “vote”. Adding a rel=”nofollow” tells Google to not count that link as a vote.

    Google went a bit mad recently and decided that by not adding a nofollow to paid link, you were trying to “cheat the system” as people could pay popular websites to link to them to make their pagerank better. Thats probably the reason why your pagerank disappeared so quickly.


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