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Oooh an angry email!

I got a great email through this week. Someone took the time to use my website contact form to send me this mesage: im gonna find out your address you little douchbag, you can bet it. rip another post from my glasto blog and i will come to your house and rip ypur fucking head off i shit you not kid ----- steve jones stevejones3185@googlemail...Read the full article

Post Office Credit Card Customer Services are clueless

I'm sick of being messed around. Seriously. I mean, what the hell did I do to have every company I talk to feed me bullshit lines over and over? This time, its the Post Office Credit Card and their god awful customer services who, I'm now convinced, don't know their arse from their elbow...Read the full article

The Fitness First debacle part III – So now you *don't* want my money?!

Its remarkable - 2 months ago they were caught illegally dipping their fingers into my bank account to try and get my money - now I'm offering it to them, they don't want to know! To anyone joining the story at this point, this all relates to a couple of posts Ive written before now - one detailing how Fitness First illegally created a Direct Debit to my account without my knowledge, and the other talking about how after continued phone calls, Fitness First continued to deceive me - be it through lies or incompetence, who knows? Whoever trains the staff needs a serious slapping though...Read the full article

"Whatever" doesn't get me back that 20 minutes of my life you wasted.

During a semi-successful commercial website relaunch yesterday, I found myself answering a couple of support calls as the call centre was overrun for the first couple of hours after the switch was flicked...Read the full article

The Fitness First debacle part II – apologies and refunds, but they still can't get it right

AAAAAAAAAAARGH! Ok, now that's out of my system. If you're a regular reader (hi mum! ;) ) you'll already know about the whole debacle whereby Fitness First thought it was perfectly acceptable to re-setup a Direct Debit I'd cancelled 3 months before...Read the full article

Fitness First are liars, thieves and commit Direct Debit fraud

Oh yes. Around 3 months ago now I cancelled my Direct Debit to Fitness First - not because I was quitting, but because I was trying to phase out the bank account the debit was taken from. Once that was done, like a good boy, I rung them to let them know I had cancelled it and gave my reasons why, and they were fine with that...Read the full article

Microsoft Outlook… and I'm done

For years I've been an Outlook user but today I'm done. I can't take it anymore. I use Thundbird at work - I'm on ubuntu so it was an inevitability. But my home PCs have always been dominated by MS Office, so Outlook was always the client of choice...Read the full article

Glastonbury 2008 cinema listings

This is another yearly post thats becoming a bit of a habit... I love Glastonbury cinema. After the musics done and its wind-down time, sometimes its perfect to go and crash in front of a film on a huge outdoor screen and drink another 3 litres of pear cider...Read the full article

99% of Sun readers "want the death penalty returned" in the UK

Just when I thought The Sun "newspaper" couldn't sink any lower into the gutter, I pass the newspaper rack in my local petrol station and see possibly the most depressing front page I can remember: http://www...Read the full article

Does Twitter ever work?

Ive been trying to update my status since saturday with no luck. Don't get me wrong, I havent been sat here for hours at a time hitting F5, but I have tried whenever Ive been on my site - which is usually a couple of times a day for various reasons...Read the full article