Off to see Wales v Ireland in the 6 nations

Yep, as the title says, i’m off to see the Wales-Ireland 6 nations match in Dublin. This includes 2 days in Belfast to meet up with an old friend. And anyone thinking of robbing my house while i’m gone, i have housemates still at home!!

This is my first flight for a few years, and already I feel like going through airport security is comparable to bending over and waiting to be shafted (excuse the expression!). I’m sure this has been debated many times before, but why a 150ml limit on liquids/gels? Bearing in mind a standard tin of lynx deodorant is 250ml, they may as well tell you not to bring anything, rather than the sarcastic ‘you should use roll on’ that the ever-so-helpful airport security suggested. Interesting that they’d prefer i brought a glass bottle of liquid than a tin of gas, but anyway. End result-i now have no shaving foam, shower gel or body spray. Bastards. 😉

And don’t even get me started on the cost of long term parking… Scandalous!

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  1. yeah… so bad huh , … but just take ur seat and relax , just be more patient

  2. sorry I mean patience.. 🙂
    a slip of the typing 😀

  3. mou

    Oh right! lol soz, no you were right the first time! I think I read your comment wrong!!


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