More site downtime

Yep, thats meThis is about how I feel right now.

I decided a few weeks ago that enough was enough – I was paying 1&1 through the nose and not really getting the service I hoped for on a VPS, so it was time to bite the bullet and move on. Ive been testing Media Temple for a few weeks now, mirroring this site and some of my others to see what the speed/performance differences are like. The results were – amazing. Hence the fact I moved.

But good ol’ sods law didn’t let me down. No matter how many times you do it, however long you spend planning it, something will always go wrong. In this case, when backing up my site for the last time (to copy to the new server), the FTP program I used (LeechFTPFileZilla was playing up) was not displaying hidden files. Ie, .htaccess. I failed to notice at the time and didn’t until after waiting 18 hours for the nameserver changes to reach my ISPs DNS server. As a result, virtually every page (bar the front page) has been inaccessible since about 3pm yesterday.

Apologies to anyone who tried to get on the site. Trust me, I feel a right donkey.

<note-to-self>Add this one to the list of things to remember for next time…</note-to-self>

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