Why Media Temple, why??

I’ve hit my first (and second) issue with Media Temple. They lasted about 8 hours before giving me something to moan about, which isn’t bad – especially if you were to look at my 1&1 support history…

First – is it sensible to have something like “reset all DNS settings to default” available to run from the querystring? What I mean is, rather than using a standard POST (ie, you click a button, it submits a form and does the job), they use a GET – so by “accidently” navigating to /services/manage/zone/ (from within the Media Temple control panel), all your DNS settings (assuming you’ve changed them) will be reset. Admittedly, this was a huge cock-up on my part, but in true arrogant fashion I’m going to blame Media Temple for this one! Like the saying goes – give a monkey a gun and wait for him to shoot himself (perhaps I made that saying up…)

Update: I submitted this as a big report and its now been fixed. A POST is now required to reset DNS settings to default.

Second – and this is a huge pet hate of mine – plain text passwords. After struggling to get FTP to work for a short while earlier, I went to the users page to reset my password and I see this:
Check out my password!  :)
That pissed me off a little, but not nearly as much as the email I got from Media Temple support a few minutes later (after I’d reported the FTP problem)


In regards to your issue with FTP login,

I was successfully able to login via FTP into your server. To connect, please use the following settings.

Username: xxxxxxxxxxx
Pass: xxxxxxxxxx
Port: 21
Passive mode ENABLED

(obviously I’ve XXX’d out the actual username/password!)

So not only is my password stored in plain text, but any of the support staff can get hold of it?? Urgh. Bad show Media Temple.

But, for the sake of a fair and balanced post, I’d like to point out that neither of these issues are anywhere near enough to take away from the fact that Media Temple are an amazing web host, for speed, reliability (from what Ive seen so far) and general ease of use. I’d still recommend them. 😉

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  1. Ive never gone into the whole media temple thing perhaps i should look into it, my website Ryanhost does the job and ive been with them for year, though of late they have had a few problems with sever load. 🙁 maybe time for a change.

    P.s awesome looking website really like the theme, very well put together.


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