Downloads not working… WTF?

Just had a moment of confusion… I haven’t logged into my blog back-end since before the weekend, yet somehow the Download Counter plugin I use to keep track of plugin/themes downloads…. well, it just sorta switched itself off. I’m not sure why, and TBH I have no idea when.

Either way, it now seems to be working – although how much longer I’ll be using it for I don’t know. I’m tempted to write my own – using community plugins are great, but you have to put an awful lot of trust into them and when a situation like this comes up and you realise you have no clue how it works and no time to find out, you just have to hope that renaming the folder, deactivation and reactivation will fix it. Thankfully, this time it did!

So apologies to anyone trying to download any plugins or themes from this site over the past – maybe 7 days? I’ll try not to let it happen again! 😉

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