Glastonbury 2008 Site Map

Glastonbury 2008 Site MapIve got hold of a copy of the Glastonbury 2008 sitemap, courtesy of the official Glastonbury festival website.

Not too many changes to note. Lost Vagueness has gone and been replaced by Shangri la, although what that actually means yet I don’t know… probably less burlesque!

Also, slightly more controversially, the Oxylers field – my camping area of choice for 4 years (seriously, 10 minutes walk to my car and a convenient hill to prevent flooding!) – has now been renamed “The Dance Field”. I’m wondering whether that means they’re encouraging all the pill-head dance lot to camp there to keep them out of the way… who knows. I’m sure it’ll become obvious by the 5am the first night! 😉

Oh yeah, and what was “The Tipi Field” last year is now – Trash City! LOL fantastic, I’m glad we decided not to get a tipi this year! I don’t know where its been moved to, I can’t see it on the map, but I’m sure they’re not sharing a field. 🙂

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