Spare parking ticket anyone?

It seems that no matter how prepared you try to be, someone less prepared will always balls things up.

So its turns out we’re a parking ticket down. We have 8-9 people coming in 3 cars (which is a feat in itself) but it turns out we only have 2 parking tickets.

And to make things even more fun, See Tickets aren’t selling them anymore. The advice is that they’re being sold “on the door”. Interesting, seeing as you have to park to get to the door and I’d assume you can’t park without a ticket.

So without going into the full details of why and how, someone who shall remain nameless (Will Fender) dropped the ball.

Which leads me to my question going out to anyone who stumbles across this blog between now and next week – do you have a spare Glastonbury 2008 parking ticket? 🙂

If by some freak of chance someone does have a spare ticket they’d like to be recompensed for, you can email me directly from my contact page, or leave a message below!

Otherwise, I’ll be there are 9am on Wednesday walking around aimlessly looking for some sort of ticket booth…

5 Responses to “Spare parking ticket anyone?”

  1. Adam

    Don’t panic you can pay on the gate as you go in. You dont even have to get out of your car.

  2. Yep – I can confirm this. I’ve done it a couple of times.

  3. mou

    Fantastic! Thanks for the info. TBH I was starting to stress about turning up, queuing on the road for a hour then being told to turn round coz I didn’t have a parking ticket…

    Phew! Weight of my mind. Cheers Adam and Knocker!

  4. Kymbo

    oooohh!! i have this problem too, only bought the ticket last week from hmv, called see tickets who said to but when we get there.ooohhh i hope we can!! thank god i found this site


  5. Have fun Chris 😀

    Started at the gay bar yet?


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