Indexed in 14 minutes?!

My last post was indexed in 14 minutes? Really?! Well, yes… I took that screenshot about 14 minutes after I published it, so it definitely happened!

But seriously, I was pretty amazed. I still remember about a year ago I used to wait a week or more for Googlebot to stop back after I’d posted something, now it doesn’t ever seem to be less than 12 hours.

I’d like to think it was down to the sheer volume of quality content posted on this blog :chuckle: but I suspect my role in this may have been minimal… but its amazing to think that Google can get to an ickle site like mine within 15 minutes, when theres something like 172 million sites to crawl around the world.

So good work Google. Whatever you’re throwing money at to get that sort of indexing speed, its working 🙂

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