Mou & Nokia N95 = Epic Fail. But at least Glastonbury was brilliant!

Flare @ Groove Armada I got back to Leeds on Monday (well, Tuesday technically) and Ive still not really recovered. My sleep pattern took a battering, my brains still swimming from the red wine consumption (dammit, that wine box seemed like such a good idea) and I still haven’t managed to wash the clothes I took. lol. Ooops.

So… where to begin?

First up, apologies to all the people I was supposed to meet and failed. Knocker, I did actually come looking for you mate but it turns out spotting a Wolves flag in a field the size of a small town is no easy feat! Good to see you had a good time though 😉 Mawdsley – what the hell? The last I heard from you was a text saying “yeah, I’ll meet you at Stanton Warriors” !! Neil, Adam and everyone else – yeah, just sorry ;o) Kym – well, I met you so no apologies necessary. Although sorry I was so drunk by the time I found you! lol

To everyone else I knew or met while I was there (and likewise, everyone I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting…) – hope you had a fantastic time!

My “video experiement” basically fell flat on its arse, thanks to the sheer uselessness of the Producer beta software. OK, I know beta usually means “not quite ready”, but at no point did I think it could mean “absolutely useless, unusable and a complete waste of time”. To anyone who checked my “live” videos out, you’ll see about 5 2-second videos. Considering each one should have been about 2 minutes (minimum), you can see the problem. Thankfully, not being an idiot, I recorded the videos I really wanted and stored them locally, saving streaming only for a few rare moments in good lighting, etc. Good thing too.

And as for the N95. :sigh: What can I say? Its an amazing phone with a fantastic camera, but I realised I was going to have a problem when I’d got through 2 of my 4 batteries in less than a day and a half. And half of one of them was spent trying to upload a set of photos via the Flickr web service (which, incidentally, sat there uploading for 45 minutes then crashed). Cheers Nokia.

100_0264.JPG But rant aside, Glastonbury was fantastic. Absolutely brilliant, once again. Even more so due to the lack of rain (only 1 day in wellys!). Met some cool people, drunk and danced a lot, and generally loved every minute of it.

I started typing a full review of my week when I got back, but due to the hazy memory I’ve been putting it off for days. I’ll try and get that published tomorrow if I get a few minutes to finish it. But I have now got all my photos uploaded, so I’m halfway there!

And finally, I think my sleep pattern has caught up. No more laying in bed wide awake till 4am. 😀

2 Responses to “ & Nokia N95 = Epic Fail. But at least Glastonbury was brilliant!”

  1. Hey no worries matey. I think I worried a few cap wearing crutch carrying dudes while I was there but alas none of them were you. I know where you’re coming from though about a) sleep patterns and b) updating the blog. I only just started writing about Glasto yesterday and I only got as far as Thursday so far. I may fill in the rest of the days today but my recollection of the music days is actually blurred into one!

    Good to see you had a good-un though, technological issues aside 🙂

  2. Will make sure I hunt you down next year 🙂

    I thought on Monday morning it would be a simple case of, “I’ll find Mou and say hello today” – then arrived at Glasto and realised it was already full of half-drunk mentalists so just gave in and went with the flow!

    Nice pics too, you have shots of places I never even saw!


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