Modmat on WordPress Extend

Modmat, a WordPress theme I put together a few months ago, has been accepted onto the new WordPress Extend themes site. Cool!

Unsurprisingly, exposing it to so many people has surfaced a few minor bugs, which are now fixed. Modmat 1.0.3 is now available from the Modmat project page. I’ve submitted the updates to WordPress, so hopefully the new version will appear in the next day or so (currently showing as 1.0.2).

Download it and try it out! If come across any bugs, or have any suggestions or gripes, either post me a comment or fire me out an email and let me know!

Thanks to the 3000-odd people that have downloaded it so far, and the great number of sites that are actually now using it (Yahoo site explorer is a great toy 🙂 ). You’ve prompted me to start work on a completely new theme, and I hope to release a 2 column Modmat clone in the not too distant future, following on from user feedback.

Thanks again for making the effort feel worthwhile!! 😉

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  1. icerat

    Thanks for the great theme! I’m working on my first wordpress site and I’m struggling to decrease the space between paragraphs with Modmat. Any tips?

  2. Nice theme Chris I’m going to use this on one of my sites thanks for you great work


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