100,000 page views!

I’ve admitted before that I’m a bit of a stat whore. I’ve weened myself off the addiction a bit over the past 6 months, but before that I used to be on analytics maybe 20 times a day, checking the WordPress stats plugin and other assorted statistic geekery. Ahh, the days of having a job I didn’t like. 🙂

Well I had a look last night, and it looks like I’ve cracked the 100,000 page view mark! Not that brilliant when you consider the site I spend my days developing for has seen up to 350 hits a second at peak times – but still, for a blog/portfolio thats only been around 17 months its not a bad milestone.

Thats the second back-patting post I’ve written in a row. I’ll get back to writing about something semi-interesting soon, I swear…

But for now, I leave you with my Google Analytics graph: May 4th 2007 -> October 11th 2008

2 Responses to “100,000 page views!”

  1. Congrat. You have a good potential to monetize mou… 😛

  2. mou

    Cheers Arham. If only I was interested in monetizing this blog… But its my portfolio so I really don’t want to start covering it in adverts!

    Funnily enough, the 4 ads I do have on the site (I dare u to find ’em lol) make me about £1 every 2 days. Not much, but it pays for my web hosting! 🙂


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