Kaiser Chiefs playing at Glastonbury 2009

The Other StageA bit of a mini-exclusive here at I’m told the Kaiser Chiefs are as good as confirmed for Glastonbury 2009 by a “source close to the bands management”.

How much of an exclusive it really is is debatable, seeing as they seem to play every year… But still, its confirmed, and seeing as I haven’t seen it on any other websites, as far as I’m concerned its an exclusive!

Remember, you heard it here first 😉

Update: I’m now told its 99.9% certain, but pen hasn’t actually been put to paper yet, so Ive updated the post accordingly. If I hear any more, I’ll post it here 🙂

Update 2:Hmmm, a little embarrassing. I got a call from my “contact” the other day, who sheepishly told me that it turned out Kaiser Chiefs had stated they wanted to play Glastonbury, but its now his understanding that Glasto were outbid by another festival. So in short, it look like the Kaisers aren’t playing at Glasto. If thats the case, then I apologise for getting your hopes up – next time I see my mate, I’m going to beat the difference between a rumour and confirmation into him. 😉

4 Responses to “Kaiser Chiefs playing at Glastonbury 2009”

  1. OH NO!

    Please don’t let it be true. 2nd worst band ever ever IMHO, playing second fiddle worstness to the truly dreadful Nickelback.

    Yeah, I’m grumpy today!

  2. Come on Moufro!

    Ditch the Indie and listen to something decent 😉 But hey… at least you like The Postal Service. You should really think about listening to some Justice- you will love them! Perhaps some Digitalism too? Yeaaah!

    (I’m one to talk about shit music.. *currently listening to Sash!)

  3. Dave

    How about Gilbert O’Sullivan again?

  4. Kaiser Chiefs hmm…I predict there will be a riot!


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