Not sure if its just me…

… but this site seems to be running like a dog at the moment, and has been for at least a month.

Media Temple have pointed me in the direction of my DB, and told me to check out my Slow_queries figure which was unexpectedly high. Although I know for something to be classed as a slow query, it has to take longer than an amount of time you set. I’m not sure what they have set long_query_time to, so I don’t know if thats a red herring or not.

But considering I only get 200-300 hits a day and use WordPress, which is a massively popular (and actively maintained) open source cms/blogging engine, it seems strange that the hundreds of other people I’ve encountered who combine WordPress with Media Temple don’t experience the same problems.

Seeing as theres no way to upgrade the Grid-Service package without moving up to a £50 a month deal, it looks like it might be time to start looking at other options – which is a shame, because I still maintain Media Temple have the best customer services of any host Ive ever dealt with.

And thanks to Dave, I’ve been sporting a shiny new Linode VPS for the past couple of months and I have to admit from what Ive seen its been lightning fast. I installed WP and copied the databases over, then did some rather crude side-by-side loading tests. I managed to load 3 pages on the linode before Media Temple could even serve me my homepage, so I think the next step will be to move this site to there. Its meant having to do some reading on how to lock down my properly VPS for hosting public sites, but I’m sure the guys at work will be able to fill me in on anything I need to know that I don’t already. (Thanks in advance Dan, Jimmy) 😉

The upside is that if I pull it off, aside from the obvious speed benefits, I can cancel my Media Temple hosting and save myself £15 a month. Ah well, that’ll pay for 3 footlong Subway BMTs if nothing else. 😀

p.s. – the link to Linode is my referral link, so feel free to click through if you’re thinking of giving it a go – its worth a free months hosting to me if you stay with them for a few months 🙂

3 Responses to “Not sure if its just me…”

  1. Glad you are enjoying the service. Feel free to join our community if you need help with anything. #linode on OFTC has over 250 members who are always willing to help out.

    • mou

      Its weird – the other week I twittered about Spaz and got an @reply an hour later, now Linode are getting in on the act!

      Ah well its good to know you guys are listening! 🙂

  2. I must admit i’ve also been looking at moving away from my current host – not because there slow or because they have crap support as they have been great for the last 4 years.

    Main reason is that i’ve never really used the reseller account the way i thought i would and see it as a bit of a waste of $$$’s.

    Plus if i do ever build one of my little ideas i dont think my current host could expand quick enough.


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