Gah! You're having a bubble!

OK, so I’m blogging this for prosterity, as I think the past 48 hours may have been my most consistent run of bad luck for a while…

#1 – The Saniplus pump thing behind my toilet decided to break yesterday, and the plumber told me he couldn’t fix it until today (monday). I rung my letting agent today who said they’d sort it, and they haven’t. So I have no toilet.

#2 – I’ve discovered that as the pump isn’t working, water from the shower isn’t being pumped out either so the shower is filling up. Call me a fussy, but knowing the toilet and shower meet in the middle and neither are emptying has sort of put me off using it. So I have no shower.

#3 – I woke up this morning with the itchiest back ever. Couldn’t work out why until midday today, when all the points I’d been scratching suddenly turned into big red bug bite lumps. So Ive been bitten half to death, and the one thing I think could ease the uncomfortable itching is a shower – which isn’t possible!

#4 – My Virgin Digital box started playing games with me. If I get up and walk towards it, it goes crazy and starts acting like I’m jabbing every button on the remote and the only way to stop it is to sit back down & turn it off and on again. – not every single time, but I can do it a few times a night it seems. I debated whether I was going mad, but I’m now convinced its the box – I don’t know the ins and outs of how infrared works, but as the remote is infrared and I’m not carrying anything that broadcasts an infrared signal, what the hell could be interferring with it??

#5 – I made the mistake of having a cigarette on friday night, so now I’m back craving again. OK, more my own stupidity than bad luck but either way, I’m sat here feeling particularly on edge knowing I have a broken toilet, shower and virgin box I have to sort out tomorrow.

The one good thing to come from this was the discovery that taking the time to type out things that are annoying me seems to make me care less about them, like some sort of blogging therapy.

Anyways, I’m done. Off to watch broken digital. 😀


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