Busy busy busy

Has it really been a month and a half since I last blogged? Cripes!

Its been a busy 6 weeks. Highlights include:

  • Planning an 6 week project to fit it into a 5 week timescale – or at least it would have been if the people enforcing this timescale had any appreciation for whats involved and didn’t keep wasting time with meetings to discuss the same things that were discussed previous weeks. We now have 3 weeks and still haven’t been given the go ahead to start.
  • Starting a wiki from scratch (more on this another time). I know wikis are collaborative things, but I feel like I need to get some content on it before I let it loose into the wild – I don’t think I’d contribute to a wiki if the creator hadn’t even put any effort in.
  • Preparing for Robs wedding. Well, mentally preparing – I’ve never been a best man before, and to be totally honest I’m shitting bricks at the thought of giving a speech to a room of 100+ people. I’m not a public speaker!
  • Writing a tasty little Twitter class for grabbing, caching and displaying tweets by search term (currently in use on the Twitterbury site).
  • Continuing work on PigNews for the WPSynergy project.
  • A couple of other personal projects (too early to announce just yet) and some minor freelance work.
  • Periodically driving 200+ miles to see my lovely girlfriend Lissa, who has just started a masters degree in TV script writing.
  • Playing Xbox – specifically Halo ODST. The firefight game mode is the 2nd most addictive thing I’ve been exposed to this year, just short of Left 4 Dead, and its slowly sucking up the small amount of free time I have left every evening.


So thats me. My plan for October is to work on finishing the things I’m on with, without adding anything new to the list. Easy on paper, not so easy in practice so lets see how it goes. 🙂

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  1. Yay I’m lovely 🙂


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