Oooh an angry email!

I got a great email through this week. Someone took the time to use my website contact form to send me this mesage:

im gonna find out your address you little douchbag, you can bet it.
rip another post from my glasto blog and i will come to your house and rip ypur fucking head off
i shit you not kid
steve jones

Thanks for your email Steve. Well, I tried to respond to clarify what you thought I’d “ripped” and to ask for a link to your blog, but I received a “mailbox not found” bounce-back so I guess you gave me a fake email address (and probably fake name).

So, I decided to have a little dig about. Seeing as you’re the only person who used my contact form on October 6th at 9:15pm, I know your IP address is/was, you use BT broadband and you’re probably based around the Runcorn area.

I’m also fairly certain you use Windows Vista, and you’re using the Chrome browser (version 3.0).

So I had a quick look through your route through my site and came up with this:

Which suggests to me that you must have seen something on my Glastonbury page. So based on that, I’d like to know which of the following I stole from your site (bearing in mind you didn’t click any of the links and so don’t yet know what the pages contain):

  • The text at the top of the page
  • The picture of Rob
  • The sitemaps
  • The line-ups

So seeing as you didn’t manage to give me a real email address, feel free to send me another email but this time elaborate a bit – we both know nothing on my site has been ripped from anywhere, but I’d be interesting to see what you think is yours. Or if you really want to stand by your claim, why not post a comment below so everyone can see it?

Oh, and a quick proof read of your message next time wouldn’t hurt. Failing on words like “your” just make you look like a bit of a tit. Petty I know, but its just another reason why I’m not sure whether I should take you seriously or not – 12 year old trolls aren’t really worth my time. *

* Edited 21st October 2009

5 Responses to “Oooh an angry email!”

  1. Hey! I terrible when it comes to “Your” and “You’re” too 😀

    Sound like a fun guy, should take him up on the offer to rip your head off tho.

  2. Someone got out the wrong side of bed this morning.

  3. If Steve really does want do rip heads off then I would suggest Glasto isn’t the festival for him. Glasto is where I want to meet decent like-minded people who simply want to chill out.

    Head-rippers with poor grammatical skills should perhaps head off to T4 on the Beach or something similar 🙂

  4. Came accross your blog while googling Fitness First, who owe me money for advertising on my website.

    Love all your stuff, especially around customer service.

    I regularly target the CEO’s of companies who have failed me in service delivery and it’s laughable some of the crap you get back, as they pathetically try to justify themselves. The UK needs a major consumer revolt, targetting fat cats who think it’s ok to rip customers off as if we are half-wits. Keep up the good work. Bill


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