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Photoblogging Glastonbury – a few tips

The past 2 Glastonbury Festivals I've tried my best to send a steady stream of photos back to the real world via Flickr. The first time was a complete success - I think I managed to send back about 50-80 photos over the 5 days and a few of them were used on NowPublic...Read the full article

Glastonbury 2009 just around the corner – time to clean last years mud off my tent!

It occurred to me earlier that Glastonbury 2009 is just around the corner (less than 2 months away) and I haven't started getting that tingle of excitement that usually hits me around January (!). Although to be honest, Ive barely thought of anything outside of PHP, HTML and Left 4 Dead for the past 4 weeks - virtually every free moment has consisted of being knee deep in one of the 3...Read the full article

Glastonbury 2009 weather prediction – 1000mph winds and 85km of rain?

Well, Metcheck have a rather gloomy prediction for the 2009 Glastonbury Festival - apparently we can look forward to just over 1000mph winds over the 5 days, with around 85km of rainfall per day. For those of you that think this may put a damper on the festival, I have good news: none of this will matter, as temperatures are set to hit around 1800°c - which leaves me a little torn over whether to pack waterproofs or shorts...Read the full article

Kaiser Chiefs playing at Glastonbury 2009

A bit of a mini-exclusive here at I'm told the Kaiser Chiefs are as good as confirmed for Glastonbury 2009 by a "source close to the bands management". How much of an exclusive it really is is debatable, seeing as they seem to play every year...Read the full article & Nokia N95 = Epic Fail. But at least Glastonbury was brilliant!

I got back to Leeds on Monday (well, Tuesday technically) and Ive still not really recovered. My sleep pattern took a battering, my brains still swimming from the red wine consumption (dammit, that wine box seemed like such a good idea) and I still haven't managed to wash the clothes I took...Read the full article

See you at the festival!

I'm off to Glastonbury. Happy days! I'll be gone for the next 7 days - trudging around fields, listening to bands and drinking pear cider. Hopefully it won't be a repeat of the mudbaths of the last 2 festivals, but if it is...Read the full article

Spare parking ticket anyone?

It seems that no matter how prepared you try to be, someone less prepared will always balls things up. So its turns out we're a parking ticket down. We have 8-9 people coming in 3 cars (which is a feat in itself) but it turns out we only have 2 parking tickets...Read the full article

Glastonbury camping essentials – the definitive list of what to take!

About a month ago I made a mental list of the absolute "essentials" for Glasto - ie, the things that no camper should be without - 3 shopping trips later, I finally have all but one of them here so I thought I'd share my list with the world - if it stops one person from making a mistake Ive made in the past, then it'll have done its job! ;) 1...Read the full article

Glastonbury 2008 line-up released!

OK, so this sort of leads on from my post earlier about the cinema field. The official lineup has now been released on the official Glastonbury festival website... but as with last year, it bugged me that the listings were so split up and arranged by stage then date - Ive already got a good idea in my head of who I want to see, so I want it to be in alphabetical order so I can skim the list quickly...Read the full article

Glastonbury 2008 cinema listings

This is another yearly post thats becoming a bit of a habit... I love Glastonbury cinema. After the musics done and its wind-down time, sometimes its perfect to go and crash in front of a film on a huge outdoor screen and drink another 3 litres of pear cider...Read the full article