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Why Media Temple, why??

I've hit my first (and second) issue with Media Temple. They lasted about 8 hours before giving me something to moan about, which isn't bad - especially if you were to look at my 1&1 support history....Read the full article

More site downtime

This is about how I feel right now. I decided a few weeks ago that enough was enough - I was paying 1&1 through the nose and not really getting the service I hoped for on a VPS, so it was time to bite the bullet and move on...Read the full article

Site downtime

Sorry to anyone trying to access the site overnight. Somewhere between 1am and 9am 1&1 decided to lock my account. Turns out I forgot to pay my bill. Oooops. I still maintain I never received the email they said they sent to notify me of the failed payment but...Read the full article

Inline Adsense ads

When I started up, it was never intended to be anything other than a portfolio. Having fell in love with WordPress (which has since become the backbone of most of my development work), it made sense that seeing as the blog was there I may as well use it...Read the full article

Folder structure – broken images?!

Ive made some changes to the folder structure at the back end of this site. Unfortunately I was silly enough to use the wrong template tags when designing the template (theres me thinking $siteURL and bloginfo('home') were the same) and so a few images, well, broke...Read the full article

Upgrade over

Done. At last. A few unforeseen complications, but nothing too serious. A few notes to myself for things to do in the future: Look at why the Plesk manager on my virtual server is insisting on adding a call to open_basedir every time I make any changes to the setup...Read the full article

Theme Upgrade

I'm launching an upgrade to my website theme tonight, which could mean the site is offline for an hour while I replace the files and update my database. The general look and feel of the site will be the same, but Ive made a few changes under the hood that should mark a noticeable improvement on the site...Read the full article

Broken Comments

J..Read the full article