Glastonbury 2008 line-up released!

Amy Winehouse @ the jazz fieldOK, so this sort of leads on from my post earlier about the cinema field. The official lineup has now been released on the official Glastonbury festival website… but as with last year, it bugged me that the listings were so split up and arranged by stage then date – Ive already got a good idea in my head of who I want to see, so I want it to be in alphabetical order so I can skim the list quickly.

Oh yeah, and after my attempts at throwing together a spreadsheet of the lineups last year proving to be pretty popular, Ive had another go this year. So now you can order it however you want – exciting eh? 😉 Click here to download the full Glastonbury 2008 lineup spreadsheet.

Amy Winehouse does a pretty good live set, for a crackhead. Plus the Verve, Fratellis, Kings of Leon, The Enemy, Groove Armada, Fatboy Slim, The Zutons… the choice is immense. This is already making for a fantastic festival.

And so, ta-da! For the 2nd year, the official Glastonbury Festival 2008 lineup in all its alphabetically ordered glory…

‘Music Through Unconventional Means’ with Shlomo’s Vocal Orchestra & Special GuestsThe Park StageSaturday
20/20 SoundsystemDance Village EastFriday
28 CostumesLate and LiveThursday
4FifteenLate and LiveSunday
A SkillzDance Village WestSaturday
A TrakDance Village EastSaturday
A. HumanDance Village WestSaturday
Acoustic Stage Blues Club With Grainne DuffyAcoustic StageFriday
Acoustic Stage Blues Club with Grainne DuffyAcoustic StageSaturday
Acoustic Stage Blues Club With Grainne DuffyAcoustic StageSunday
Addictive TVSilent WorldFriday
Addictive TVLoungeThursday
Adventures Close to Home DJsLoungeSunday
Alabama 3Jazz World StageFriday
Alabama 3Left FieldFriday
Alabama 3 unpluggedAvalonSaturday
Alabama 3 UnpluggedSilent WorldSaturday
Alan Tyler & The Lost SonsThe Park StageSunday
Aldo VanucciLoungeSunday
Aleks and the DrummerLeft FieldSaturday
Alex MetricG StageFriday
Alexis McLeanLate and LiveSunday
AlmasalaJazz World StageSunday
AlphabeatThe Park StageSaturday
AmsterdamAcoustic StageSunday
Amy WinehousePyramidSaturday
Andy Fairweather Low & The Low RidersAcoustic StageSaturday
Annie MacDance Village EastSunday
Annie Nightingale Opening PartyPussy ParlureThursday
Ans & AllabyGladeSunday
AppleblimG StageSunday
ArmrugLate and LiveSaturday
Arno CarstensAcoustic StageFriday
AthenaAcoustic StageSunday
Atomic HooliganDance Village WestSaturday
Atomic HooliganPussy ParlureThursday
Audio BullysLoungeSaturday
AutokratzDance Village EastSaturday
autoKratzLate and LiveThursday
BabelQueens HeadFriday
Bad Science (DJ Set)Dance Village EastFriday
Balkan Beat BoxJazz World StageSunday
Band of Horses John Peel StageSaturday
Barry AshworthGladeFriday
BashyBBC Introducing StageFriday
Bass ClefG StageSunday
BattlesThe Park StageSaturday
Be Your Own PetOther StageFriday
Beans on ToastLeft FieldFriday
BeardymanG StageSunday
Beat TorrentG StageSaturday
Beber & TamaraG StageFriday
Bedouin Jerry Can BandJazz World StageSaturday
BeggarsThe Park StageFriday
BelleruchePussy ParlureFriday
Ben FoldsOther StageFriday
Ben WestbeechIglooSaturday
Biffy Clyro John Peel StageSaturday
Billy BraggLeft FieldSunday
Billy Cobham & AsereJazz World StageSunday
BitesizeDance Village WestFriday
BitesizePussy ParlureThursday
Black CherryOther StageSunday
Black CherrySilent WorldSunday
Black KidsOther StageSaturday
Black MountainOther StageSunday
Blast DJsIglooFriday
Blazin’ FiddlesAvalonSunday
Bloco Electro  Pussy ParlureThursday
BluetonesLeft FieldSunday
Bone-BoxLate and LiveThursday
Booka ShadeDance Village WestFriday
Bourbon Warfare DJsPussy ParlureFriday
Brian Jonestown MassacrePyramidSunday
Brian Jonestown MassacreJohn Peel StageSunday
Brit School Presents – Dance for LifeLeft FieldFriday
British Sea PowerLeft FieldSunday
British Sea Power John Peel StageSaturday
Brute ChorusBBC Introducing StageFriday
Bryn ChristopherBBC Introducing StageFriday
Buddha TearsLeft FieldFriday
Buddy GuyJazz World StageSaturday
Build a Band Youth MusicLeft FieldSunday
Cab Cababret InterstellaPussy ParlureSaturday
Cab Yard Dogs Road ShowPussy ParlureFriday
Cab Cababret InterstellaPussy ParlureSunday
Cab Yard Dogs Road ShowPussy ParlureSaturday
Cadence WeaponIglooSaturday
Cadence WeaponLoungeSaturday
CagedbabyDance Village EastFriday
Cakeboy & DoublethinkDance Village WestSunday
Cakeboy and DoublethinkIglooThursday
Camille O’Sullivan  Acoustic StageFriday
Candi StatonJazz World StageFriday
CantankerousG StageSaturday
CaptainQueens HeadFriday
CaribouThe Park StageSunday
Carnival CollectiveLeft FieldSunday
Carnival CollectiveLeft FieldThursday
Caspa & RuskoG StageSunday
Cassette Boy & DJ RubbishGladeSaturday
Cerys MatthewsThe Park StageSaturday
Channel One Sound SystemG StageSunday
Charity Dhop Sound SystemLoungeSaturday
Charlene SoraiaSilent WorldFriday
Charlotte CampbellLeft FieldFriday
Cheeky Cheeky and the NosebleedsBBC Introducing StageFriday
Chris CocoDance Village WestSunday
Christopher D Ashley Dance Village WestSunday
CicadaDance Village EastFriday
City ReverbDance Village WestSunday
Clark Kunt and Steve ReduxIglooThursday
Clic Sargent ‘Share a Stage’ winnerLate and LiveFriday
Clive CraskeGladeFriday
Club Dave and Back to Basics IglooSunday
CocknbullkidQueens HeadSunday
CongregationQueens HeadSunday
Crowded HousePyramidSaturday
Crystal Castles John Peel StageSunday
CSSThe Park StageSaturday
Cuban BrothersDance Village WestFriday
Cut CopyLoungeThursday
Cut La RocG StageFriday
Daddy G presents Bristol Hifi w/ Queen Bee and Mr BennIglooFriday
Daisy RiotsLeft FieldThursday
Dan Donelly And FriendsLeft FieldSunday
Dance for LifeLeft FieldFriday
Dance for LifeLeft FieldFriday
DandilionsBBC Introducing StageSunday
Danny and Champions of the WorldLate and LiveSaturday
Danny HowellsGladeSaturday
Danny HowelsSilent WorldThursday
DAS POPPussy ParlureFriday
Dave ‘Buckley’IglooSunday
Dave ‘Dave’ BeerIglooSunday
Dave ‘Ed’ KarneyIglooSunday
Dave ‘Mobo’ AngeloIglooSunday
Dave ‘Nick’ HarrisIglooSunday
Dave ‘Peace’ DivisionIglooSunday
Dave ‘Ralph’ LawsonIglooSunday
Dave SeamanDance Village WestSaturday
Dave ‘Silver’ CityIglooSunday
Dawn KinnardQueens HeadSunday
DeepgrooveG StageFriday
Dengue FeverQueens HeadSunday
Denis JonesLate and LiveSunday
Derrick MayDance Village WestSunday
Detectives of PerspectiveSilent WorldSunday
Devon Sproule   Acoustic StageFriday
Dhr Robijn   Dance Village WestSunday
Die and Clipz feat. Dynamite MC and Rodney PDance Village EastSunday
DigidubG StageSunday
Dirty Pretty ThingsLeft FieldSunday
Dirty WeekendLate and LiveSunday
Dizzee RascalThe Park StageFriday
DJ Annie MacQueens HeadSaturday
DJ BunjyLoungeSaturday
DJ Dhr RobjinGladeFriday
DJ Donna Summer (aka Jason Forrest)GladeSaturday
DJ Eddie Piller and U BrownQueens HeadThursday
DJ Eddie Piller Northern SoulQueens HeadThursday
DJ FormatLoungeSaturday
DJ Friction & MC IDG StageSaturday
DJ GlitterbanditzQueens HeadFriday
DJ Ipek IpekciogluPussy ParlureSunday
DJ LolaLoungeSunday
DJ Phill JupitusLeft FieldSunday
DJ Rob HallGladeSaturday
DJ Sean RowleyQueens HeadSaturday
DJ Shot’Nes (Balkan Beat Box)Pussy ParlureSunday
DJ Smash ‘n’ GrabQueens HeadFriday
DJ SoulsaversQueens HeadSunday
DJ Tayo’s Tracksuit PartyQueens HeadThursday
DJ The VoguettesQueens HeadSunday
DJ Yoda’s Magic Cinema ShowSilent WorldThursday
DJ ZorroPussy ParlureSunday
Dockers MCLeft FieldFriday
Doctor DG StageSaturday
Does It Offend You, Yeah?Dance Village EastSunday
DogtanionJohn Peel StageSaturday
Don LettsIglooFriday
Don LettsG StageSunday
DoneaoBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Dr Alex PatersonG StageSunday
Dr MeakerGladeSaturday
Dr MeakerPussy ParlureSaturday
Dr RubberfunkDance Village WestSaturday
Drum MonkeysG StageFriday
Dub Colossus in A Town Called AddisJazz World StageSunday
Dub From AtlantisSilent WorldSaturday
Dub From AtlantisLoungeSaturday
Dub Pistols Sound SystemDance Village WestSaturday
DuffyOther StageSaturday
Duke Raoul (solo)Late and LiveSunday
Duke SpiritQueens HeadSaturday
Ebony BonesLoungeSaturday
Ed ZealousBBC Introducing StageSunday
Eddi ReaderAcoustic StageFriday
Eddy Grant and the Frontline OrchestraJazz World StageSunday
Eddy Temple-MorrisDance Village EastSaturday
Edwyn CollinsThe Park StageFriday
ElbowOther StageSaturday
ElbowQueens HeadSunday
Eleanor McEvoy  Acoustic StageFriday
Elite ForceLoungeSaturday
Eliza DoolittlePussy ParlureFriday
Elle S’appelleLeft FieldThursday
Emily MaguireAcoustic StageSaturday
Emmy the GreatJohn Peel StageSaturday
EqualisersPussy ParlureThursday
Eric BibbJazz World StageSaturday
EstelleJazz World StageFriday
EthiopiquesJazz World StageSaturday
EtikutPussy ParlureSunday
Eugene McguinnessThe Park StageFriday
Evil NineG StageSaturday
Exit CalmBBC Introducing StageSunday
FanfarloBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Far Too LoudPussy ParlureThursday
Fatboy SlimDance Village EastFriday
Fight Like ApesLate and LiveFriday
Fight Like ApesBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Filthy DukesSilent WorldSunday
Filthy DukesLoungeSunday
Flip FlopGladeSunday
FlipronLeft FieldSaturday
Florence And The MachineQueens HeadSunday
FlyKKillerLeft FieldSaturday
FoalsOther StageFriday
Fox CubsBBC Introducing StageFriday
Frank Tope and Dan FoatIglooSaturday
Frank TurnerAvalonFriday
Frank TurnerLeft FieldFriday
Freefall CollectiveGladeFriday
Friendly Fires John Peel StageSunday
Fun Lovin’ CriminalsJazz World StageFriday
Fundamental SkillzDance Village EastFriday
Futureboogie Field AnticsIglooSaturday
Generals Hi-FiPussy ParlureSunday
Georgia RuthBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Get Cape. Wear Cape. FlyPyramidFriday
GhettoBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Gideon ConnLate and LiveSaturday
Gilbert O’SullivanAcoustic StageSaturday
Gilbert O’SullivanPyramidSunday
GlasvegasQueens HeadThursday
Glasvegas John Peel StageFriday
Glenn Tilbrook & The FluffersAcoustic StageSaturday
GMB and Polish Cultural Institute PresentsLeft FieldSaturday
Golden SilversLate and LiveSunday
Greg Dread & MC SpeeDance Village EastSaturday
Grinny GrandadBBC Introducing StageFriday
Grinny GrandadSilent WorldSunday
Groove ArmadaOther StageSunday
Gucci Soundsystem w/ XX TeensIglooThursday
Guest DJ Sound ClashLeft FieldThursday
Ham SandwichBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Hazel 0’ConnorAvalonFriday
Head GardenerLoungeThursday
Healer Selecta inc. Sound SystemPussy ParlureSaturday
Hebe JonesLeft FieldFriday
Hercules and Love AffairDance Village EastFriday
HexstaticSilent WorldSunday
Hey Negrita!Left FieldFriday
Hilltop HoodsOther StageFriday
Hilltop HoodsJohn Peel StageSaturday
Hobo Jones & the Junkyard DogsAvalonFriday
Holy Fuck John Peel StageSaturday
Horse Meat DiscoPussy ParlureFriday
Hot ChipOther StageSaturday
Imagined VillageJazz World StageSaturday
Imperial LeisureDance Village WestSaturday
InfadelsDance Village WestFriday
Infinate ScaleSilent WorldThursday
Island LineThe Park StageFriday
IsoscelesBBC Introducing StageSunday
J MountainIglooSaturday
Jack PenateOther StageSunday
Jah FreeLoungeSaturday
Jake FlowersLate and LiveSunday
Jalapeno Sound SystemPussy ParlureFriday
James BluntPyramidSaturday
James ZabielaDance Village WestFriday
JapeThe Park StageSaturday
JapeDance Village EastSunday
Japenese PopstarsG StageSaturday
Jason JonesPussy ParlureSunday
Jenner’s FieldLeft FieldFriday
Jim Bob – Carter UsmLeft FieldSaturday
Jimmy CliffJazz World StageFriday
JMekkaPussy ParlureThursday
Joan ArmatradingJazz World StageSaturday
Joan BaezAcoustic StageSunday
Joe Lean and the Jing Jang JongOther StageFriday
Joe Lean And The Jing Jang JongQueens HeadFriday
John ByrneLeft FieldFriday
John CaleThe Park StageFriday
John MayerPyramidSunday
John Tams & Barry CoopeAvalonSunday
Jon ByrneLate and LiveFriday
JonquilBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Justin Adams & Juldeh CamaraAvalonSunday
KabeediesBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Karima FrancisLate and LiveSaturday
Kate NashPyramidFriday
Kate NashLeft FieldFriday
Kate NashQueens HeadFriday
Kathryn Williams & Neill MacCollThe Park StageSunday
Katie MeluaAvalonSunday
KeithLate and LiveSaturday
Kid British & Action MankyLoungeFriday
Kid SisterDance Village EastSaturday
KiddaG StageSaturday
King BluesLeft FieldThursday
King Solomon BurkeJazz World StageSunday
Kings of LeonPyramidFriday
Kissy Sell OutLoungeSunday
Kokolo RaySilent WorldSaturday
Kokolo RayPussy ParlureSunday
Kool Keith & Kutmaster KurtThe Park StageSaturday
KosheenDance Village EastSaturday
Kraak & SmaakDance Village WestSunday
KT TunstallPyramidFriday
LadyhawkeQueens HeadSunday
Latin American FiestaLeft FieldThursday
Latin Dub Sound SystemLeft FieldThursday
Laura MarlingThe Park StageSunday
LazenbyAcoustic StageSunday
Lazy BonesLate and LiveSaturday
Lazy HabitsLeft FieldSaturday
Lee CoombsDance Village WestSunday
Left Field Rally With Tony BennLeft FieldSunday
LeftismSilent WorldSaturday
Legion Of ApeLeft FieldFriday
Leo the AmateurSilent WorldFriday
Leon AlexanderG StageFriday
Leon Jean-MarieLoungeSaturday
Leonard CohenPyramidSunday
Light SyndicateLate and LiveThursday
Lightspeed ChampionJohn Peel StageFriday
Little FishSilent WorldFriday
Live Sneaky Sound SystemDance Village WestFriday
Liz GreenSilent WorldSaturday
LocarnosBBC Introducing StageSunday
Los Campesinos!Other StageSaturday
LoungeclashPussy ParlureSunday
Luka BloomAcoustic StageFriday
Lupe FiascoJazz World StageFriday
Lykke LiThe Park StageSaturday
Magic ArmBBC Introducing StageFriday
Magic WandsThe Park StageFriday
Magnetic Man (Benga, Scream and Artwork)G StageSunday
Make ModelJohn Peel StageFriday
Make ModelQueens HeadThursday
MalakaiSilent WorldSaturday
MankalaJazz World StageFriday
Manteca Latin GroovesPussy ParlureSunday
Manu ChaoPyramidSaturday
Manu ChaoJazz World StageSunday
Marcus BrigstockeLeft FieldSunday
Mark BroomGladeSaturday
Mark RonsonOther StageSunday
Married to the SeaLeft FieldThursday
Marshall HackettSilent WorldThursday
Martha WainwrightPyramidSaturday
Martina Topley BirdPyramidSunday
Martina TopleybirdPussy ParlureFriday
Massive AttackOther StageSaturday
Massonix (Graham Massey – 808 State)GladeSaturday
MassukosJazz World StageSaturday
Matt KirshenLeft FieldSunday
Meggies HeroesLate and LiveThursday
Melancholy Moose SocietyLate and LiveFriday
Men In MasksDance Village EastFriday
Men In MasksLoungeThursday
MetronomyDance Village EastSaturday
MGMTJohn Peel StageFriday
MGMTThe Park StageSaturday
Midnight JuggernautsDance Village WestSunday
Miscarriages of JusticeLeft FieldFriday
Morning Glory’ featuring Deepgroove, Cagedbaby and Very Special GuestsIglooSaturday
MovimientosLeft FieldThursday
Mumford & SonsThe Park StageSunday
Mungos Hi Fi Vs Don Letts Dub CartelLeft FieldThursday
My Morning JacketThe Park StageSunday
Myth of UnityDance Village EastFriday
N DubzLoungeFriday
NacionalLate and LiveFriday
NeckLeft FieldFriday
NeckLeft FieldSunday
Neil DiamondPyramidSunday
Neon NeonOther StageSaturday
Neville StapleLeft FieldFriday
Newton FaulknerOther StageSunday
Niall ConnollyLeft FieldFriday
Nick Doody – Get Up Stand UpLeft FieldSunday
Nick Hollywood AKA LemonPussy ParlureFriday
Nick WarrenSilent WorldThursday
Nick Warren Sunset SetGladeFriday
Nicky Holloway and Trevor FungDance Village WestSaturday
Night Of TreasonLeft FieldSunday
NightmovesSilent WorldSunday
Ninja Tunes, Big Dada and Friends IglooSaturday
Noah And The WhaleQueens HeadSunday
Nomad JonesLate and LiveFriday
Nuala & The Alchemy QuartetAvalonSunday
Officer KicksLate and LiveThursday
One Night OnlyOther StageSaturday
One Night OnlyQueens HeadThursday
One String LooseAvalonSaturday
Open MicLeft FieldFriday
Open MicLeft FieldSaturday
Operator PleaseThe Park StageFriday
Orphan BoyLate and LiveFriday
Our FoldLate and LiveSaturday
Palmeras KanibalesLeft FieldThursday
Pama InternationalLeft FieldThursday
Panic at the DiscoOther StageFriday
Patrick Watson John Peel StageFriday
Pete DohertyThe Park StageFriday
Pete GoodingLoungeFriday
Pete GreenwoodQueens HeadThursday
Peter PaulPussy ParlureThursday
Phantom LimbJazz World StageFriday
Phil KSilent WorldSaturday
Phil KLoungeSunday
Picture Books in WinterBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Pie TastersLeft FieldThursday
Pigeon DetectivesQueens HeadSaturday
Pigeon DetectivesOther StageSunday
Pirates AnthemDance Village EastSunday
PivotG StageSaturday
Plastic LittleLoungeFriday
PnauPussy ParlureSunday
Portico QuartetJazz World StageSunday
Prison LoveAvalonSunday
Psycho BabyJohn Peel StageSunday
Punks Jump UpLoungeSunday
Queens of NoizeLoungeFriday
Quest and MC Ken MacPussy ParlureThursday
Quiet VillagePussy ParlureSunday
Quiet VillageSilent WorldSunday
Rachel Unthank & The WintersetAvalonSaturday
Radioactive ManGladeSaturday
Ralfe BandLate and LiveSaturday
RamieDance Village EastSunday
Randy & Earl’s Old Record ClubPussy ParlureSunday
Realistic CrewLoungeFriday
Red Light CompanyQueens HeadSaturday
Red Vinyl FurLate and LiveFriday
Redbridge Brass BandThe Park StageSunday
Renagrade SoundwaveDance Village WestFriday
Rennie PilgremPussy ParlureThursday
Rennie Pilgrem & The TCR All StarsDance Village WestFriday
RevereLate and LiveFriday
Reverend and the MakersJohn Peel StageFriday
Reverend and The MakersLeft FieldSaturday
Rex The DogDance Village EastSunday
RitonDance Village WestFriday
Riva StarDance Village WestFriday
Riva StarSilent WorldThursday
Riz MCLeft FieldSaturday
Robert LoganGladeSaturday
RocketeerJohn Peel StageSunday
Rodney BranniganLeft FieldSunday
Roisin MurphyDance Village EastFriday
Roisin MurphyQueens HeadThursday
Roland The BastardG StageSaturday
Ron SexsmithAvalonFriday
Ron SexsmithQueens HeadSaturday
Roni Size ReprazentDance Village EastSaturday
Rook and the RavensLate and LiveThursday
Royal MalesBBC Introducing StageSaturday
RoyworldJohn Peel StageFriday
Run Toto Run (Rachael Kichenside)Late and LiveFriday
Sam HammondLate and LiveThursday
Sam SparroDance Village EastSunday
Sander KleinenbergDance Village WestSunday
SantogoldThe Park StageFriday
SantogoldQueens HeadThursday
Scouting For GirlsOther StageSunday
ScratchySilent WorldFriday
Seal Cub Clubbing ClubLeft FieldThursday
Sean Rowley PresentsPussy ParlureSaturday
Seasick SteveAcoustic StageFriday
Seasick StevePyramidSaturday
Seize The DayLeft FieldSaturday
Sense Of Sound ChoirJazz World StageSunday
Seth LakemanAcoustic StageSaturday
Shakin’ StevensPyramidSaturday
Sharon Shannon & Big BandAvalonFriday
Shazia MirzaLeft FieldSunday
Sian Evans & Simon KingmanGladeFriday
Sid Griffin & The Coal PortersAcoustic StageSaturday
Silent Disco DJsSilent WorldSunday
Silent Disco’s DJSilent WorldFriday
Silent Disco’s DJSilent WorldSaturday
Silent Disco’s DJSilent WorldThursday
Simian Mobile DiscoDance Village EastSaturday
Simon Atkinson & The Ben Marcato TrioGladeFriday
Sinead O’Connor        Acoustic StageFriday
SingStarQueens HeadFriday
SingStarQueens HeadFriday
SingStarQueens HeadSaturday
SingStarQueens HeadSaturday
SingStarQueens HeadSunday
SingStarQueens HeadSunday
SingStarQueens HeadThursday
SingStarQueens HeadThursday
SingStarQueens HeadThursday
Six By SevenGladeSaturday
Skibunny DJsDance Village EastSaturday
Sky LarkinBBC Introducing StageSunday
SlydePussy ParlureThursday
Smerins Anti-Social ClubLoungeThursday
SohaJazz World StageFriday
Sonny JDance Village EastSunday
Sons & DaughtersThe Park StageFriday
Soul Of ManG StageFriday
Soul Train DJ’sPussy ParlureFriday
South CentralDance Village EastSunday
South CentralSilent WorldSunday
SparkadiaQueens HeadThursday
SpiritualizedJohn Peel StageSunday
SS   Trojan Sound SystemSilent WorldSaturday
St VincentThe Park StageSaturday
StackridgeAcoustic StageSunday
Stanton WarriorsG StageFriday
Stars John Peel StageSunday
Stephen FretwellQueens HeadSaturday
Stereo 8IglooThursday
Steve GribbenLeft FieldSaturday
Steve Hillage’s Mirror SystemGladeFriday
SubfocusG StageSaturday
Suns Of ArqaDance Village EastSunday
SuperswamisBBC Introducing StageSunday
Surprise  Special GuestThe Park StageSaturday
Suzanne Vega        Acoustic StageSunday
SW  Anne PigalleSilent WorldSunday
SW  Howard MarksSilent WorldFriday
SwimmingBBC Introducing StageSunday
SwimmingLate and LiveThursday
System 7Dance Village WestSunday
Take It 2 The BridgePussy ParlureSaturday
Take It 2 The BridgeSilent WorldSaturday
Take It To The BridgeSilent WorldThursday
TawiahLeft FieldFriday
Team WaterpoloQueens HeadFriday
Team WaterpoloThe Park StageSaturday
Teddy ThompsonQueens HeadSaturday
Temple HedzSilent WorldThursday
Ten BearsLate and LiveSaturday
Ten BearsBBC Introducing StageSunday
That Lazy Sunday DJLoungeThursday
The Ape Drape EscapeLate and LiveSaturday
The AutomaticLeft FieldSaturday
The Baghdaddies Big BandAvalonSunday
The BeatLeft FieldSunday
The Black DogDance Village WestSaturday
The Black GhostsDance Village EastSunday
The Black Lips John Peel StageSaturday
The BlessingJazz World StageSaturday
The BlockheadsAcoustic StageFriday
The Car is on FireLeft FieldSaturday
The Cave SingersThe Park StageSunday
The Chapman FamilyBBC Introducing StageFriday
The Charles Hazlewood All StarsGladeFriday
The Cock N Bull KidBBC Introducing StageSaturday
The Count & SindenDance Village WestFriday
The Courteneers John Peel StageSaturday
The Cribs John Peel StageFriday
The Duke SpiritThe Park StageFriday
The EnemyOther StageFriday
The Family MahoneAvalonSunday
The FeelingPyramidFriday
The FlawsLeft FieldFriday
The FranksBBC Introducing StageFriday
The FratellisPyramidFriday
The Freestylers DJsDance Village WestFriday
The Futureheads John Peel StageSaturday
The Golden SilversOther StageSaturday
The GossipPyramidFriday
The GridDance Village WestSaturday
The Handsome FamilyAvalonSaturday
The HollowaysLeft FieldFriday
The HollowaysQueens HeadFriday
The Hoodoo GurusOther StageSunday
The HoosiersOther StageFriday
The Incredibly Strange Film BandPussy ParlureSaturday
The KillsJohn Peel StageFriday
The KrakLeft FieldSaturday
The Krak and FriendsLeft FieldThursday
The Langley SistersBBC Introducing StageFriday
The Laurel CollectiveBBC Introducing StageSaturday
The LevellersLeft FieldThursday
The London Community Gospel ChoirAcoustic StageSunday
The Men They Couldn’t HangAvalonFriday
The MentalistsLeft FieldSaturday
The MetrosLeft FieldFriday
The Mighty CosmicsDance Village WestSaturday
The Modern SkirtsQueens HeadSaturday
The Moody BoyzG StageSunday
The Mystery JetsThe Park StageSunday
The National John Peel StageSunday
The Neil Cowley TrioJazz World StageSaturday
The New York FundBBC Introducing StageFriday
The OutlawsIglooThursday
The PaddingtonsLeft FieldSunday
The Plump DJs Dance Village WestSaturday
The ProclaimersAvalonSaturday
The QemistsG StageSaturday
The QemistsIglooSaturday
The RaconteursPyramidSaturday
The RascalsLeft FieldThursday
The Rocket Summer John Peel StageSunday
The Rurals SoundsystemG StageFriday
The ScriptQueens HeadFriday
The Seal Cub Clubbing ClubLate and LiveSunday
The She CreaturesPussy ParlureSaturday
The Shortwave SetLoungeSunday
The SlackersLeft FieldThursday
The Souljah CliqueLoungeFriday
The SubwaysPyramidFriday
The Swell Season Featuring Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova    Acoustic StageSaturday
The Teenagers John Peel StageSaturday
The ThirstLeft FieldSaturday
The Ting Tings    John Peel StageFriday
The Travelling BandOther StageSaturday
The Travelling BandAcoustic StageSaturday
The Travelling BandLate and LiveSunday
The Unstoppable TeamLate and LiveSunday
The VervePyramidSunday
The VoltLate and LiveThursday
The Voodoo Trombone QuartetPussy ParlureFriday
The WhipDance Village WestSunday
The WhipJohn Peel StageSunday
The WombatsOther StageSaturday
The WurzelsAvalonSaturday
The Young Knives John Peel StageFriday
The ZutonsOther StageSunday
Thea GilmoreAcoustic StageSaturday
This Is StereoDance Village EastSaturday
ThreatmanticsBBC Introducing StageSunday
Tift MerrittAcoustic StageSunday
Toddla TIglooSaturday
Tofu Love FrogsLeft FieldSaturday
Tom BaxterAcoustic StageSunday
Tony BennLeft FieldSunday
Triple H ProductionsBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Trojan Sound SystemLoungeSaturday
Tube Bristol with Cool and Deadly IglooFriday
TunngThe Park StageSunday
UNKLEDance Village EastSunday
Utah SaintsG StageFriday
Vampire WeekendOther StageFriday
Vampire weekend John Peel StageSaturday
Very Special Guest The Park StageFriday
Very Special GuestsBBC Introducing StageSaturday
Very Special GuestsBBC Introducing StageSunday
VetiverThe Park StageSunday
VulaBBC Introducing StageSunday
Way Out West Sound SystemDance Village EastFriday
We are ScientistsOther StageFriday
We Don’t PlayPussy ParlureSaturday
White DenimQueens HeadSaturday
White DenimThe Park StageSunday
Who Shot the Sherriff? (The RAR movie)Left FieldSaturday
Will YoungAvalonSaturday
Xavier RuddAvalonFriday
X-Press 2Dance Village EastFriday
XX TEENSDance Village EastSaturday
YeasayerJohn Peel StageSunday
Yes Sir Boss!!!Pussy ParlureFriday
Young KnivesQueens HeadFriday
Young RunawaysLeft FieldFriday
Zion TrainDance Village WestFriday

8 Responses to “Glastonbury 2008 line-up released!”

  1. we are also playing the love bullet stage on friday and sunday!

  2. Ive never even heard of the love bullet stage!

    Looks like you’ve got a busy weekend lined up – seeing as you’re on 4 times I reckon I may stop by at least once 😉

  3. Hey

    My better half was doing a search for things Glasto and found your site. She’s in her office, I’m in mine and she’s just IM’d me with your URL. She says all her mates just go to the pub and stuff and all my chums do things like, um, you. WordPress, Flickr, Twitter etc etc. Must be a bloke thing.

    Anyhoo, we’re in Leeds, we’re off to Glasto (again) and we camp in the Cinema Field, well next to it.

    So Hi!

  4. Hi!

    Some people just don’t get it – why waste your time out socialising when you can be in front of your laptop being a geek? I’ll never understand it… 😉

    Never thought about camping up that way – just looking at the map now, is it Woodsies or Wicket Green? They look good – close to pyramid and other stage but not close enough to get trampled on! Is it on a hill??

  5. Wicket Ground. If you come in through the Yellow Vehicle Gate you can park quite close to entrance A. Then it’s a quick left turn through into the camping field. It’s fairly flat up until about halfway then it climbs up to the fence at the top.

    We were there in 2005 when the place was under water from Friday onwards and last year when it just rained. We were pretty dry and no mud in the middle to upper parts of the field. And, you can just pick up your camping chair and treat the Cinema Field just like your very own home cinema system.

    Tiz funky!

  6. i reccomend a.human & infadels

  7. respect – amy wino – “for a crackhead”

  1. Glastonbury is so close! - Caramboo Dot Com

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