Glastonbury 2008 cinema listings

This is another yearly post thats becoming a bit of a habit…

I love Glastonbury cinema. After the musics done and its wind-down time, sometimes its perfect to go and crash in front of a film on a huge outdoor screen and drink another 3 litres of pear cider. 😉

And so, post 1 of 2 regarding Glastonbury line-ups – the cinema listings!

A few good ones this year. Not quite as excited about the lineup as I was last year, but the news of them replacing their 35mm projectors with new HD projectors showing films on HDDVD and Blu-ray is very welcome. The only problem I had in the past was how grainy the picture looked from a distance, hopefully this will be an improvement!

Also, the Bourne series should be pretty good on the big screen. I’ll see if I’m coherent enough to stagger up there to see any of them!

Last year, I also released a spreadsheet version of the lineups which proved to be popular, so I’ve thrown together another one this year – you can download the Glastonbury 2008 Lineup spreadsheet here, with full listings for all the major music stages and cinema fields.

And so, arranged into alphabetical order, here are the cinema listings…

Film Field Day
30 Days  of Night Marquee Saturday
Alvin and the Chipmunks Outdoor Screen Saturday
Ant Bully Marquee Saturday
Back to the Future Outdoor Screen Thursday
Becoming Jane Marquee Sunday
Charlotte’s Web Marquee Sunday
Cloverfield Marquee Friday
Control Outdoor Screen Friday
Fools Gold Outdoor Screen Thursday
Freebird Outdoor Screen Thursday
Horton Hears a Who Outdoor Screen Friday
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Marquee Friday
Iron Man Outdoor Screen Saturday
Jungle Book Marquee Sunday
Juno Outdoor Screen Sunday
Kill Bill Marquee Thursday
Kill Bill 2 Marquee Friday
Metropolis Park Field Saturday
National Treasure Marquee Wednesday
National Treasure: Book of Secrets Marquee Sunday
No Country for Old Men Outdoor Screen Saturday
Nosferatu Park Field Sunday
Open Season Marquee Thursday
Over the Hedge Marquee Friday
Shine a Light Outdoor Screen Sunday
Shrek The Third  Marquee Wednesday
Simpsons Movie Marquee Saturday
Special Outdoor Screen Sunday
Stardust Marquee Friday
Superbad Marquee Saturday
The 11th Hour Marquee Saturday
The Amityville Horror (2005) Marquee Thursday
The Bank Job Marquee Thursday
The Bourne Identity Marquee Friday
The Bourne Supremacy Marquee Saturday
The Bourne Ultimatum Marquee Sunday
The General Park Field Friday
The Wackness Marquee Sunday
Transformers Outdoor Screen Friday

(official listings are here – hat tip to

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  1. Did you go to the Lost Picture Show cinema tent in The Common this year? We hosted an ‘alternative’ film programme and provided a luxurious mattressed auditorium for weary festival goers. Not to mention the cocktails!

  1. Glastonbury is so close! - Caramboo Dot Com

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