Glastonbury Festival 2008

Glastonbury 2008 lineup spreadsheet

I got my long time Glastonbury partner in crime Rob to write a review of this years festival. Check it out here

What I've photographed

Below are all my flickr photos tagged as "glastonbury2008" - depending on when you're reading this there may only be a few photos to see, but as with last year I'll be sending live photos back over the weekend so this page should fill up pretty quick! Check out the full set on Flickr

Check out the rest of this Flickr photo album...


What I've filmed

This is a little experiement for this year -I'm going to try streaming some live videos back using This may turn out to be a bit of a dead loss, dependent on how my phone battery lasts and what state I'm in, but hopefully it'll pay off...

Check out my video album...


What I've posted... (so far) & Nokia N95 = Epic Fail. But at least Glastonbury was brilliant!
7th Jul 2008
I got back to Leeds on Monday (well, Tuesday technically) and Ive still not really recovered. My sleep pattern took a battering, my brains still swi ...
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See you at the festival!
24th Jun 2008
I'm off to Glastonbury. Happy days! I'll be gone for the next 7 days - trudging around fields, listening to bands and drinking pear cider. Hopefull ...
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Spare parking ticket anyone?
18th Jun 2008
It seems that no matter how prepared you try to be, someone less prepared will always balls things up. So its turns out we're a parking ticket down. ...
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Glastonbury camping essentials – the definitive list of what to take!
15th Jun 2008
About a month ago I made a mental list of the absolute "essentials" for Glasto - ie, the things that no camper should be without - 3 shopping trips la ...
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Glastonbury 2008 line-up released!
7th Jun 2008
OK, so this sort of leads on from my post earlier about the cinema field. The official lineup has now been released on the official Glastonbury festi ...
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Glastonbury 2008 cinema listings
7th Jun 2008
This is another yearly post thats becoming a bit of a habit... I love Glastonbury cinema. After the musics done and its wind-down time, sometimes it ...
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Glastonbury 2008 Site Map
6th Jun 2008
Ive got hold of a copy of the Glastonbury 2008 sitemap, courtesy of the official Glastonbury festival website. Not too many changes to note. Lost Va ...
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Tickets have arrived! (2)
3rd Jun 2008
Glastonbury tickets have arrived, woohoo! I think I'm going to post this every year, at least then I'll know how long to leave it until I start panic ...
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Glastonbury 2008 confirmed :)
6th Apr 2008
Only an hour and a half this year, but I finally got my ticket for Glastonbury 2008 bought :grin: . But not before a silly number of attempts! Iron ...
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Glastonbury 2008 pre-ticket registration dates announced!
9th Jan 2008
I can't believe its that time of year already, but the deadline dates for pre-ticket registration for the Glastonbury Festival 2008 have been announce ...
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