Modmat Mod!

Just spotted a modified version of my free Modmat WordPress theme when looking through my referrers. I wanted to send him a quick email to say well done (seriously, I love it) but the sites in Russian and I don’t know the Ruskie for “Contact Me”, so I thought I’d give him a little link love instead. 🙂

Its crazy some of the sites you see turning up in your referrers list when you release a theme with your link on the bottom. As well as hundreds others, so far I’m up to 4 straight porn blogs, 3 gay porn blogs, 6 (seriously!!) dominatrix blogs and a “pay us for pain” type site. Nice! Looks like I’m hitting all the niches!!

Its almost made me want to throw another one together. In fact, theres no almost about it – there could be thousands of porn sites out there waiting for me to get off my arse (not literally) and do a design they can use – I don’t want to let them down! 😉

So now just the age old problem – finding enough spare time!

3 Responses to “Modmat Mod!”

  1. PK

    Hi…just wanted to thank you for creating Modmat. I use it on two of my websites and love it! I’m not up on tweeking them, so I’m content just the way they are. I did visit the Russian one just to take a peak. The header was awesome, wish I could do that.

    My other site where I use modmat is


  2. hi. i’m designer of
    we’re not from Russia. we are from Ukraine 🙂
    thank you for your theme and for your post
    it was really pleasure for us, but i dont think that understand everything you wrote 🙂
    you can email me anytime

  3. mou

    Hi! I thought you’d probably find my post if you checked your referrers 🙂

    Ooops, sorry, I thought you were Russian!

    Yeah, it was just to say I love the modifications – looks great! That header is immense – good work!

    And cheers for the message 🙂


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