Glastonbury Festival 2009

Glastonbury 2009 lineup spreadsheet

What I've photographed

Below are all my flickr photos tagged as "glastonbury2009" - depending on when you're reading this there may only be a few photos to see, but as with last year I'll be sending live photos back over the weekend so this page should fill up pretty quick! Check out the full set on Flickr


What I've posted... (so far)

Mou @ The Glastonbury Festival 2009
4th Jul 2009
Well, to be fair I've been back 5 days now, but to continue with my tradition of lazy blogging heres my 2009 Glastonbury Festival write up a few days ...
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Glastonbury Festival 2009 line-up, in all its alphabetically ordered glory
8th Jun 2009
I'm a few days late this year, but as is becoming tradition - here is the Glastonbury 2009 line-up ordered alphabetically for those of us who like to ...
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Tickets are here – Glastonbury 2009 is official :P
5th Jun 2009
But seriously, I think it may be time to update my photo If you can't tell, its a "damn, I've only got 1 day left to register!" photo taken at about ...
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Photoblogging Glastonbury – a few tips
7th May 2009
The past 2 Glastonbury Festivals I've tried my best to send a steady stream of photos back to the real world via Flickr. The first time was a complet ...
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Glastonbury 2009 just around the corner – time to clean last years mud off my tent!
22nd Apr 2009
It occurred to me earlier that Glastonbury 2009 is just around the corner (less than 2 months away) and I haven't started getting that tingle of excit ...
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Glastonbury 2009 weather prediction – 1000mph winds and 85km of rain?
5th Apr 2009
Well, Metcheck have a rather gloomy prediction for the 2009 Glastonbury Festival - apparently we can look forward to just over 1000mph winds over the ...
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Kaiser Chiefs playing at Glastonbury 2009
30th Oct 2008
A bit of a mini-exclusive here at I'm told the Kaiser Chiefs are as good as confirmed for Glastonbury 2009 by a "source close to the bands ...
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